Recently this year, FiiO has released an upgrade to their old RC-UE1 replacement cables for ultimate ears pinned in ear monitors due to build quality issues. The upgrade they created named RC-UE2 is simply amazing! Plus they also added some new models RC-WT1 (for westone products) RC-SE1(for shure products).

FiiO UE RE-2 Impression

This Christmas I've received FiiO RC-UE2 as a gift from my lovely girl. :) So here are my...


Packaging - a very simple one, it comes with the cable it self plus the a shirt clip.

FiiO UE RE-2 Impression
Just simple, although it could be improved.

Design - Wow! These are really really really sexy! Twisted braided silver cables is a stunner! It looks more 5x more expensive than it's real value. I loved the way FiiO designed these babies. It looks really really sweet!

FiiO UE RE-2 Impression
Like a tank! kaboom!

Build Quality - The build quality of the materials used here is simply top notch! It's knit with 8 separate wires and I did not expect this to feel sturdier than the cables of westone 1, mee a151, rock it sounds r-50 and etc. etc. It's teflon covered twisted braid design made these babies feel nearly indestructible. I've also read at fiio's website that this is tension resistant. It's 3.5 plug's body is made out of high quality alloy and its tip gold plated. Honestly, in the build quality department these could go toe to toe with other more expensive replacement cables more than 10x its price. 

FiiO UE RE-2 Impression
A beauty queen of its own

Microphonics / Cable Noise - Bad when worn straight down & almost nonexistent when worn over ear. Use the shirt clip to prevent microphonics totally.

Sound - In the sound department it tends to be brighter than stock UE cables and the bass is a little tighter (maybe due to its silver plated cables). When used with vc02 I did not notice much difference in the sound except female vocals sounded a little clearer. It's not that much of an upgrade in sound.

Product Highlights

Compatible with Ultimate Ears, M-Audio Headphones & Vsonic VC02

Silver Plated Copper Wire Core

Durable Teflon Outer Skin

Knitting Structure with 8 Separate Wires

Each Wire Has 11 Pieces of Wire Core

Copper Plated Gold 3.5mm Connector

Copper Plated Gold RC-UE2 Plug

Design Makes Cable Tension Resistant

Cable Length of 47.2" (120 cm)


At 1260 Pesos when bought at The Listening Room Philippines and 1400 Pesos at Egghead Audiohub. These cables have the best value among all the replacement cables in the world and can compete with the more more more more expensive ones.

Durability and design wise this is outstanding, I'm quite sure that these are durable enough to be a battle gear cables for everyday commutes and could survive the Philippine weather very well. I'm not just quite sure if it will oxide like most of the silver plated cables I've tried in the past.

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