The Listening Room Megamall is one of the premier audio shops in the Philippines (Aside from Egghead Audiohub), and they recently held a huge pre-holiday sale, fortunately Geeky Pinas was there and got a chance to avail some of the best discounts available on their products. Please see the mini reviews below:

The Listening Room Super Sale Experience
Photo Courtesy of the Listening Room Facebook Page
They offered various sales on the following brands:

Fiio - up to 20% 
off Cash
Superlux - up to 20% off Cash
Sennheiser - up to 25% off Cash
Philips - up to 30% off Cash
Audio Technica - up to 70% off Cash

*Note There are other brands on sale, just didn't know the details.

The sale was a blast and very successful, imagine getting an Audio Technica M50 (P 10,000.00 before) for P 6,999.00 only? That was a sweet treat! :) If you're rich enough, get something like the P 50,000.00 HD700 from Sennheiser at 25% off. Damn! (Sulit kahit mahal!) Unfortunately, yours truly don't have that much resources to buy their most premium products. (We'll get there someday, heads up!)

A  bit of a backstory: I was suppose to go at the JBL Acoustical Dimension Super Sale where they offer up to 70% off on all of their products. I was looking for a budget portable can unfortunately AKG K404 & K518LE isn't on discount.

Then I saw the sales at The Listening Room:

Day 1:

Sakto! I was looking for a fun, stylish and especially good sounding budget portable headphone under the P 2000.00 range, then the SJ Street DJ series of Audio Technica caught my attention. (A year ago I find them a little expensive for the sound / price ratio although they're decently priced and most of them are on par or better than the cans from akg, sennheiser, philips, koss, aiaiai & jays at the same price range because of the super good budget headphones from superlux

Okay lets now go to the point, I got myself an SJ33 for P 1,299.00 only! It was priced at P 2,599.00 before. 50% off, swabe right? :)

Mini Review: 

SJ33 is a real looker that could add a Rockstar DJ effect to your style. Luckily it doesn't end there it sounds good while looking good. 

The Listening Room Super Sale Experience
Black is Classy and Sexy Baby!

The build quality is not the best out there but is solidly decent and it looks like it will last especially with proper care. Comfort is fine, pads have great quality for the price but there's a little head clamp. (That will loosen up in time)

The sound is pretty decent for the price. It delivers clear vocals, nice soundstage (I can clearly hear the separtion of instruments), highs are acceptable, mids are okay and its strong point is the lows (bass is pretty good here). It was a very enjoyable headphones for most genres (I was expecting a bass enhanced headphone here), fortunately I was wrong. (The bass isn't overly done unlike most fashion cans). Being a closed can it has good isolation too.

Sonically, it is not as good as the portable from superlux like the hd661 but I prefer it over aiaiai tracks, sennheiser px100, px200, hd201, hd205, hd414 and koss porta pro. Especially now, because of the huge discount I got! :)

Further Reviews of the SJ Series:


Day 2:

My sister is looking for a new pair of earphones under 500 pesos, I was supposed to get her the technically better sounding soundmagic's es10 - 18, but she's a girl and most of the time a girl values style over sound. Fortunately I was back at The Listening Room sale, then I saw Audio-Technica - ATH-CKF30 worth P 800 pesos before at a P 299.00 only. That was a no-brainer, so I immediately grabbed it. :) 

The Listening Room Super Sale Experience
The Case is Pretty Stylish! Sweet!

Although the build isn't that good it's forgivable for the price, plus it comes with a good stylish earphone case freebie (looks like a lipstick box).

The Listening Room Super Sale Experience
LOL, at The Listening Room for having it P 1,899.00 before, I assume it was an honest mistake, maybe it's just 899 before. (That was a nasty eye-catcher though) Haha 

It sounds fun, okayish and decent, but not as good as the budget she3590 from philips and the likes of es18 from soundmagic. Again, that's very much forgivable because of the huge discount. :) Plus for people who values style 1st, this is an amazing deal! Still a good upgrade if you're coming from stock earbuds.


A job well done and cheers for The Listening Room! Next year ulit please! We'll definitely keep an eye on your huge sales. Thanks for making a huge pre-holiday sale and making our ears happy this Christmas Season. :)
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