Pac Rios Fight! Geeky Pinas Per Round Analysis

Round 1: Manny pepper rios with body shots and shots to the head manny dominates round 1 10-9 rios goes down, but was ruled a slip!!!!!!

Round 2: Round 2 was a pretty even round rios landed some shots to the body manny with beautiful combinations manny steals the round at the end score 10-9

Geeky Pinas Per Round Live Updates, Manny Wins!

Round 3: Manny Circles around rios, rios don’t know what to do. Manny winning the round with beautiful combinations. Rios have some moments though.

Round 4: Manny landed some body shots and good shots to the head, pac’s in and out is very effective right now.  Manny’s movement is amazing. Rios just keeps on charging forward. 10 – 9 manny

Round 5: Beautiful shot by manny snaps rios head, rios felt that! Sticking his tongue out!  All manny pacquiao! 10-9         

Round 6: Rios keeps on charging, manny can handle rios. The ref is doing a good job. Manny is very accurate with his shots. Too much speed and movement from Manny!  Snaps Rios again. Manny shot at the end. Round 10-9

Round 7: Nice round from Manny, Rios looks tired and confused. Rios is a punching punching bag though. Manny is destroying Rios methodologically. 10-9 Manny

Round 8: Pac is like a blur, whenever Rios charges he disappears. Then comes back with flurries. So far a total shutout from manny.  A very bloody nose of rios. 10-9 again pacquiao

Round 9: Manny with beautiful combinations to Rios head, he is just too fast! Rios can’t retaliate. Manny got him with amazing shots to the head by the end of that round.

Round 10: Manny taps hand with Rios LOL, Manny just keeps on dominating Rios. Beautiful combinations to the head and body the #PacMonster Just like pac-margarito fight. 10-9

Round 11: Manny is going for the knockout, Rios chin is amazing! A total shutout though, manny dominates him again with super punishment to the head and body. Beautiful footwork and movement by Manny again. LOL Rios tried to wrestle Manny.

Round 12: Last Round! Both fighters are ready. Amazing fight so far. Rios is hurt! Rios don’t know where Pac is. The crowd goes wild! A total shutout by Manny! He’s BACK!!!!!

Congrats Manny! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
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