Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool will help you complete your sales activities, view your communication history and see a detailed property and contact records all in one place so you can manage your leads more efficiently.

In today’s rapid digitalization, lead management is crucial in driving any business’ sales, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) success. This is especially true in the highly competitive real estate industry.

And as one of the leading innovators of the Philippine real estate sector, Lamudi understands that as consumer demands grow, the technology has to keep up. The company remains true to that commitment with the launch of their newest feature: the Lead Management Tool.

This tool is designed to help property sellers manage their listings, follow up leads, and generate more new business efficiently. As a lead management system, the tool boasts of supportive features with easy-to-understand dashboards and integrations that enable sellers to track their leads and optimize their sales pipeline.

From customer support to sales, marketing, and inventory management, this tool empowers sellers with an efficient product management solution.

Visualize and track sales opportunities with Lead Tagging

The Lead Management Tool’s Lead Tagging feature offers prospect tracking, where the seller can view prospective buyers who visited their listing and expressed interest. It incorporates lead intelligence collection which helps them discover leads through form submissions and client interactions.

Lead Tagging also helps sellers organize their leads depending on the buyers’ interests and willingness to convert. Sellers can set statuses on their leads to determine which leads are promising, unresponsive, or need follow-up.

Manage client communications with Messaging

What’s great about Lamudi’s Lead Management tool is its ability to record and update the seller’s communication history with prospective buyers through its messaging feature. This enables sellers to manage their relationships with their leads and attend to their inquiries promptly, taking advantage of a powerful automated closed-loop reporting system.

The Messaging feature has Call, Email, and SMS options available at the bottom of each lead section box. The user can view messages exchanged with the lead for all properties they’re interested in. Specific message details such as the sender information, as well as date and time the message was sent, can also be readily viewed.

Nurture lead generation with Lead Profiling

Usually, leads aren’t immediate sales the moment they are generated. Most leads may take time to nurture. With Lead Profiling, the seller can foster such leads and build relationships with prospective clients, eventually increasing its potential for complete sales. With regular, personalized and customer-specific information and conversations, long-term leads will prove more valuable than short-term ones.

Lead Profiles can be edited and updated anytime. They will help sellers remember and log significant information including the lead’s status, client interest, location interest, rooms and price preferences. They can also add a special comment section where sellers can include additional notes or remarks about specific leads. Lead profiling allows sellers to track their target market’s preferences and consumer behavior.

Close more property deals with less effort with Filtration

By using the Lead Management Tool’s Filtration feature, the seller can optimize their sales process with minimal effort by tracking, organizing and improving the user’s sales pipeline.

They can easily filter only the most qualified leads to help them save time and resources. Furthermore, the tool empowers sellers to improve their marketing initiatives by tracking and studying campaigns that yield the highest-quality leads. It also enables sellers to filter leads based on the status of a property listing. This helps sellers target leads that need to be followed up. To maximize time, sellers can also use filters simultaneously with a search value.

With the proper use of Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool, sellers can easily manage, optimize, and effectively market for sale properties without the inconvenience of complex digital processes. (PR)

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