In the wake of its recent launch, the Vivo V5 Lite has drawn the attention of selfie enthusiasts nationwide due to its 16-megapixel camera, an outstanding feature that no other smartphone brand in the same price range—Php9,990—can claim to have.
Vivo V5 Lite

Too good to be true? Not if selfie fans pit the Vivo V5 Lite against similarly priced competitors, such as the Oppo A39.

First, take a selfie using both the V5 Lite and the competitor—and note the glaring difference in terms of clarity of details. After all, the Oppo A39 only has an eight-megapixel shutter vis-à-vis the Vivo V5 Lite’s 16 MP front camera.

Vivo absolutely nails the selfie game here, as shown in the high-pixel details of the subject’s facial features and hair, and even those of the image’s background.

The Vivo V5 Lite’s more advanced beauty algorithm also puts it at a greater advantage when compared to the Oppo phone. It uses a Face Beauty 6.0 feature that enhances one’s skin tone, giving it a naturally radiant glow that the Oppo’s Beauty Face 4.0 is not capable of.

Another attribute of the Vivo V5 Lite is its Beauty Face 6.0, which can detect one’s gender and apply the appropriate touches: females get a smoother skin tone, a more delicate contour, and bigger eyes, while males are lent a more masculine look.
Vivo V5 Lite

Another competitor in the same price range is the Huawei GR5 2017, which, like the Oppo phone, has an eight-megapixel secondary shutter. Needless to say, the Vivo V5 Lite phone produces better-quality and more radiant selfies due to its superior 16 MP front camera.

The real dealmaker, however, is the Vivo V5 Lite’s Selfie Soft Light, which puts it way ahead of the competition. The V5 Lite being powered by this Selfie Soft Light feature, it produces impressive lighting effects akin to those in a professional photo studio. It also chooses the most appropriate colors from the spectrum to make one’s skin tone appear naturally more radiant.

Best of all, the V5 Lite’s Soft Light feature is activated when you set it in auto mode, so you’ll get beautiful, natural-looking selfies any time, anywhere. 

Clearly, no other selfie-centric phone does it like the Vivo V5 Lite—the clear winner in the competition. (PR)

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