Have you ever mistakenly sent a very sweet message meant for your bae to your boss? Or just sent a message that should not be read by an unintended person? You will be very delighted with Viber's delete feature that will give you a second chance to redeem your reputation.

Vibers new delete feature
Viber's new delete feature

Viber's delete feature is very useful as you'll be able to correct your mistakes easily. You just need to long press on the mis-sent Viber message and choose whether you want to delete the message only for your device or delete it for your recipients as well. This feature also works on group chats, so sending by mistake wouldn't be a problem at all.

Viber's delete feature works on both one-on-one and group messages. However, if you want to delete a message that someone else has sent to you, it will only be removed from your own device. This can be especially helpful if you want to forget someone’s empty promises and failed commitments and move on from relationships that didn’t work out.

Viber’s delete feature gives you control over your fate in a way that other moments in life cannot. Update to the latest version on Android and iOS.

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