Going to SM Supermalls has always been convenient whenever we want to shop. It makes our shopping a lot easier and especially to us techies as we love checking out the latest gadgets that is surely available in any SM Cyberzone -- smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, headsets, cameras, you name it.

SM Advantage Follow The Yellow Dot at SM Cyberzone

SM Cyberzone is my very favourite part in any SM Supermall as it always keeps me up to date with the latest trends in technology, like gadgets or other devices. And I can find almost all the tech brands there without having to go other places, thus it is very convenient. Whenever there’s a newly released product, you can already expect that these items will be released in just a few days / weeks after the announcement.

Whenever I go to SM malls, I always bring my SM Advantage Card with me. And now they have this #FollowTheYellowDot program which even applies to select stores inside SM Cyberzone where you get to enjoy exclusive discounts and exciting perks just by showing your card. 

I’m pretty sure that this Christmas season you guys are still looking for your perfect tech gift to give to your families, friends or special someone without breaking the bank.

SM Advantage Follow The Yellow Dot at SM Cyberzone

Incidentally, many well-known tech brands inside SM Cyberzone are part of the #FollowTheYellowDot program. These include a variety of promos from brands like Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, O+ and Oppo that offers a 50% off on a Smart Plan 500 whenever you purchase any product with the indicated spending amount. HP and Samsung offer 5% to 10% discounts with their products and services.

SM Advantage Follow The Yellow Dot at SM Cyberzone, SM Megamall
SM Cyberzone, SM Megamall
Just recently, I bought a brand new laptop bag in Case Logic (SM Cyberzone, SM Megamall), and they offered 10% discount (on all regular priced items) just by presenting my SMAC card to the store, no hassle. There are other more offerings from other tech brands that you can enjoy, see the full list here or check out Facebook.com/SMAdvantage.

SM Advantage Follow The Yellow Dot at SM Cyberzone

Any SM loyalty card is eligible in the “Follow The Yellow Dot” program, this includes the SM Advantage, SM Prestige, BDO Rewards and ePlus. Again, I’m encouraging you to get your own card, Follow The Yellow Dot, and get access to exclusive rewards and enjoy exciting perks.

By the way, this program is valid until August 31, 2017.

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