It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Filipinos, especially for techy friends and family members who can’t wait to get their hands on the latest gadgets. For people who still don’t know what to give their technocrat friends and loved ones, PayMaya has prepared a cheat sheet for cool options that are perfect for gamers or music lovers.  The best part: all gift ideas below can be shopped online through PayMaya so you can save time, energy, and resources, and most of all, avoid traffic.

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Gamers and Audiophiles

Gift Ideas for Gamers

1. Steam Credits - You can either buy a game from the Steam Store and send it as a gift to the recipient's Steam account or you can send them PayMaya credits (Read also: How to buy Steam Credits with PayMaya)  so you can leave it up to them to choose whatever game they want to buy.

2. Dungeons & Dragons Gameboard - The famous game played by our favorite kid stars on popular sci-fi thriller series, The Stranger Things is a gift even non-gamers want to have from Amazon. Avalon is another fantasy board game that's hugely popular. You can check out more games at The Gaming Lib where you can purchase with your PayMaya as your debit card or link your PayMaya to your PayPal account.

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3. A Gaming Mouse - DOTA and CS:GO players are going to love you for this. Fuel their passions with a gaming mouse. We scoured plenty of gamer guides and found out that the best budget mouse that's best for MOBA and FPS games like DOTA or CS:GO are: Redragon M601 (MOBA and FPS), Razer Deathadder (MOBA and FPS), Logitech 630s (MOBA) or Steel Series Rival 100 (FPS). It's going to cost less than P2,500 but that's already the cheapest you can go with a 2000 DPI, which is already really good for an ordinary (non-competing) gamer.

4. Dota 2 Figure Toys/Collectibles - Mini-figurines of DoTA 2 heroes for your gamer's tables at the office or at home.

5. Geek Mug - Your gamer most likely stays up late until the wee hours of the morning. They might want to enjoy a cup of coffee and still be awesomely geeky. Here's a few examples: A ceramic Stormtrooper head mug, a heat-activated tetris mug, or get those statement geek mugs that say, "Talk Nerdy to Me".
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Gift Ideas for Audiophiles

1. Spotify Premium subscription - Nothing's going to beat the gift of a Spotify Premium subscription. Usually at P129/month, right now you can get it at a Christmas rate of P49 for 3 months, and enjoy listening to music even without internet, ad-free (Read also: How to get Spotify Premium with PayMaya).

2. A Showerhead + Wireless Speaker - Listen to your favorite music at high-quality sound while in the shower! You can start the day with good music, or karaoke as much as you want. At only $70, the Moxie showerhead is definitely a worth it gift for family members and friends who love to sing in the shower.
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3. A Tiny Personalized Music Box - Small cardboard music box decorated with musical staff. You can personalize your music box with the melody you choose from this Etsy maker's list. There are songs like Stand by Me, You Are My Sunshine, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Beethoven, La Vie En Rose, and more.
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4. Bluetooth Speakers - Shower head speakers too much? Get your friend regular bluetooth speakers instead! There are plenty of tiny, portable, and waterproof speakers online which are more budget-friendly, costing less than P500. Your music-loving friend can play music on road trips, parties, or just regular barkada get-togethers at home, to get that chill vibe on all day, all night.

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5. Wireless Headphones - If your buddy's tired of having to untangle your earphones and headphones, getting them caught on armrests, getting pulled out from your ears, having to put them back on, you can buy them wireless headphones. They can walk around the house with their music on non-stop. The best part is they can finally do a sing and dance number in front of the mirror without holding anything!

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