Plextor has announced its latest model of MLC SSD product line called the S1 Series SSD.

Plextor S1 SSD
Plextor S1 SDD

The Plextor S1 is designed with best price-performance ratio in mind and will only be released in the Southeast Asian Market only due to limited quantity of the MLC SSD. This just means that the buying the MLC flash memory will be almost exclusive in the Southeast Asia region.

One of the core components of the Plextor S1 is that it is made of Toshiba's high-quality Toggle Mode MLC NAND flash memory and SMI's SM2246 controller. S1 series can reach the speeds up to 510/440 MB/s in sequential read/write and 74K/79K IOPS in random read/write.

The Plextor S1 will be available in two interface specifications: 2.5-inch (S1C) and M.2 2280 (S1G), two different storage capacity of 128GB and 256GB and is covered by a 3-year warranty by the company.

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