Western Digital Corporation has announced a new, high-capacity hard drive that have a storage space up to 10TB of the WD Gold datacenter hard drives.
WD Gold Datacenter Hard Drives 10TB

The WD Gold datacenter hard drive is designed for the modern enterprise storage systems and it is features HelioSeal helium technology which enables higher capacity, power efficient storages for the datacenter environment.

The WD Gold datacenter hard drives are dseigned for different applications which includes small to medium scale enterprise servers and storage, rack-mount datacenter servers and storage enclosures. The WD Gold 10TB datacenter hard drives feature an optimized design over the existing WD Gold 8TB drives that helps reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of servers and storage systems through an 8 percent operating power reduction while delivering 25 percent more capacity. This will benefit the IT admins which are challenged with keeping up with storage demands on limited budgets.

“It is Western Digital’s on-going goal to provide superior reliability and compelling value to our enterprise customers,” said Brendan Collins, vice president of product marketing, Western Digital. “WD Gold drives are a key component of the overall WD portfolio, providing power efficient, capacity-optimized storage for a wide range of high workload applications. The new 10TB capacity enables customers to efficiently deploy higher density storage solutions.”

Western Digital promises WD Gold 10TB datacenter hard drives will provide:
  • Improved power efficiency - HelioSeal Technology delivers lower power in increased capacity.
  • Better performance - Up to 21 percent sequential performance improvement over WD Gold 8TB datacenter drives 
  • High reliability - WD Gold drives incorporate best-of-breed design, manufacturing and test processes to achieve one of the highest reliability ratings in the industry - 2.5 million hours MTBF (8TB and 10TB offerings)
  • Dedicated Premium Support Line – Western Digital offers a 24/7 premium support line for WD Gold drive customers and can be reached at U.S.: (855) 559-3733; International: +80055593733.

WD Gold 10TB hard drives (WD101KRYZ) are available at Iontech Technologies Inc. and Ubertech Technologies Inc. For more info you can check their website at www.wd.com.

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