SAP has recently announced the availability of the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offering in the Philippines which aims at providing customers with technology that can help organizations become agile digital enterprises. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud can now provide customers here in the Philippines an agile and secure deployment option to benefit from SAP's revolutionary in-memory platform - SAP HANA in a private, fully managed cloud.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Customers leveraging the innovative offering will be able to unleash next-generation applications, and transform decision-making to support their organisations’ efforts to go digital.

Mission Critical Applications in the Cloud
In today’s business world, IT faces overwhelming demands leading to too much time spent on maintenance, upgrades, and patchwork solutions for infrastructure problems. Business and IT leaders understand the need to make the IT landscape simple to meet business needs, increase productivity, and allow the organisation to respond to changing requirements quickly.

With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customers can run any SAP HANA workload – including the flagship SAP S/4HANA suite of business applications. This offers elasticity and scalability with all-inclusive subscription-based pricing for SAP software and infrastructure. With its built-in operations and management capabilities leading to faster implementation, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is designed and built for mission critical operations..  Leveraged for productive use or as a project accelerator, the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud enables simplicity, and is a platform for innovation. 

As it is architected to provide integrated support for each customer’s landscape, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud can also manage the full HANA cloud environment, from infrastructure to applications with the ability to offer an industry-leading service level agreement (SLA) at the application availability level.

The increased number of global premium suppliers in Southeast Asia that SAP partners with, is meant to expand the HANA Enterprise Cloud offering available across Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. SAP has the capacity to fulfil the stringent requirements of even the most demanding customers. Customers will also benefit from reduced TCO, due to affordable local cloud providers’ charges.

Said Christopher Bousigues, Head, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand, “Through these partnerships, we are able to deliver a service that helps companies move away from operating software. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is an integral and core component of the SAP digital strategy, which aims to help businesses run simpler.”

He continued, “Built with the end in mind, it allows our customers to run simple with SAP, with the ability to use their SAP applications in an OPEX model without having to worry about ongoing operations. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud retains the best of on premise advantages, such as control of the IT lifecycle, and best of cloud, with its low capital expenditure requirements and flexibility. “

The Value of Cloud in ASEAN Industries
SAP’s underlying cloud success was exemplified in their recently announced second quarter results for 2016 (ending June 20 2016).  Non-IFRS cloud subscriptions and support revenue grew 47% at constant currency. Non-IFRS cloud and software revenue was up 9% at constant currency, supporting SAP’s consistent drive to demonstrate its status as the cloud company to watch. Supporting this continued focus on cloud, SAP will see additional offerings for its private cloud in the next 18-24 months, including new features in cloud for analytics, capabilities that can help SAP HANA scale as a cloud platform, and SAP S/4HANA cloud for development.

Said Scott Russell, President and Managing Director, SAP Southeast Asia, “The business environment in Southeast Asia is changing quickly. Customers are looking for the best means to grow in the Digital Economy and are demanding faster time to business value and the ability to harness the power of the cloud for innovation. To address these demands, SAP is offering SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to customers in Southeast Asia, where we can expect to see strong demand for SAP HANA and the SAP S/4 HANA.”

He concluded, “We look forward to helping our customers transform by running simple and extending a low-risk deployment option for our customers. This will enable them to respond faster to the business’ need to innovate, change and deploy new systems with the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud." (PR)

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