Retail continues to be one of the Philippines’ most dynamic industries, a leading economic growth driver buoyed by the robust consumer spending and a market that has become increasingly sophisticated. With local and global brands all vying for the attention of Filipino shoppers, success in the retail space may not only be determined by providing quality products and value for money, but also great customer sales experience.
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The SMART Store Manager solution is one such offering from PLDT Enterprise that helps retailers enhance customer service delivery.  It aims to improve the shopping process by enabling customers to check out their purchases assisted by store personnel deftly managing transactions through the mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) solution.  SMART Store Manager also acts as a tablet-based menu, providing images that highlight the product or service customers are paying for, allowing them to fully appreciate the shopping choices they are about to make.

“SMART Store Manager is one of the many solutions of PLDT Enterprise that aims to support Philippine enterprises in growing their business,” said Gio Abaquin, Head for Digital Mobility,  Disruptive Business Group (DBG), the emerging technologies business unit of PLDT Enterprise. “Such innovative solutions let enterprises build their competitiveness, distinguish themselves from other industry players, and deliver superb shopping experiences to their customers.”

Aside from enhanced customer experience, the SMART Store Manager also offers a range of benefits for enterprises operations-wise.  Not only does it eliminate the need to invest in electronic registers or expensive software, it also frees up valuable store space -- usually taken up by cash registers -- to be used for other purposes such as merchandise display.  Furthermore, the SMART Store Manager bundles the Mobile Application, Tablet, and SIM-based connectivity in one affordable package, so retailers can readily deploy their mobile POS in their stores.

​​“With an engaging, user-friendly interface and reliable connectivity to ensure that customers enjoy seamless shopping, SMART Store Manager truly creates an enhanced and differentiated digital retail experience for today’s Filipino consumer.” added Chet Alviz​, Head of SMACS (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud & Security). (PR)

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