Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Secretary Ramon M. Lopez released a statement that he don't find any logical reason on prepaid load credits to have expiry dates as this has been paid in advance by consumers.

Prepaid load expiry dates to be remove soon as per DTI in PH

“These services have already been paid for by the consumer.  I do not see any reason why the buyer will be denied the use of the services or goods in the future,” Lopez explained.

Lopez then vowed to look upon into the complaints filed and he will assign Undersecretary Zenaida Maglaya to handle the issue.

He also compared this load expiry case to the previous Gift Certificates (GC) removal of expiry dates and assues that the DTI will tell the telcos to remove the load expiration.

“Business establishments have already removed the expiry periods for [GCs]. Now, we will tell the telco to follow and remove the expiry dates for cell-phone pre-paid load cards…in principle, you already paid that,” he said.

Now this is a good news for all of us subscribers, let's just hope that the DTI and telcos will have an agreement and comply. You can check out the full report in the provided sources below:

Sources: Business Mirror, Manila Bulletin

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