Digital Walker’s Gear of the Month for September provides your phone’s camera with the superpowers to take infinitely incredible photos
Momax X-Lens for iPhone
Momax X-Lens
This September, let the country’s unmatched retailer of premium gadgets and accessories bestow your phone four new abilities with its Gear of the Month, the Momax X-Lens: 4-in-1 Superior Lens Set.
Momax X-Lens for iPhone

Rule the world of photography with this absofreakinglutely handy accessory that allows taking impossibly impressive images easy. Take your audience with you and give them a better appreciation of the scenery you’re trying to immortalize with the 120° wide-angle lens. Make things appear beautifully distorted with the 180° fisheye lens -- pretty much like messing with people’s heads using ESP. Use the CPL filter to make the details of your image pop out more by removing unwanted reflections and defining lines better.
Momax X-Lens for iPhone

And for those who wish they had the power to make things appear bigger than they actually are, there’s the Momax X-Lens’s 15x macro option, which lets you zoom in and focus on the finer details of your subject.
Momax X-Lens for iPhone

The Momax X-Lens: 4-in-1 Superior Lens Set’s metallic finish that comes in three colors—silver, champagne and rose gold—also gives your phone an understated touch of glamour that is neither shouty nor excessive. Enjoy 15% off this remarkable accessory when you purchase one at any Digital Walker outlet this September. For more information on Digital Walker, follow them on Instagram and Twitter with handle @digitalwalkerph or on Facebook at Digital Walker Store. (PR)

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