Grab will officially roll out starting the Grandparent's Day (September 11) the government-mandated 20% discount on all GrabCar rides for senior citizens.

There are two hassle-free options to avail of the discount:

ONE: Book a GrabCar through the GrabBooths available in most malls and terminals.  Show your Senior Citizen ID and another government-issued ID and the friendly Grab booking agents will assist you in booking a GrabCar with the 20% discount.

TWO: Register online to get your personal Senior Citizen Discount promo code. Just fill up the online form here: Be sure to have clear photos of your Senior Citizen ID and another government-issued ID so you can upload it in the form.

Verification of your registration will take up to 3 working days and once verified, you will receive an SMS with your personal promo code so you can start ahead booking your discounted GrabCar rides!

Senior Citizen ID and other government issued ID is needed once booked in a GrabCar rides as the driver might ask first to validate the ride.

If you'd like to sign up your parents and grandparents, you can go to this link:

“We also recommend passengers with Senior Citizen relatives to assist the elderly in registering for the discount. The team made sure the instructions for registration are simple and easy to do,”, said Cu.

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