A very affordable internet bundle promo from GoSAKTO of Globe has been available for months now and we want to share to our readers the official availability of the promo as it appears in the Globe GoSAKTO Website.
Globe GoSAKTO promo offers 1000 texts & 1000MB (1GB) for only Php70 a week

For Globe Prepaid subscribers who is just looking for a promo that has lots of text and a good data allowance that will last for a week, here comes the GOTSCOMBODD70 promo. 1000MB (1GB) of data allowance, 1,000 texts to Globe/TM with 7 days validity for just 7 days this is the very perfect promo for you! This is one of the very cheap option in the GoSAKTO promos as you will only spend about Php10 a day for a week (7 days).

In order to register, follow the steps below:

Via *143#: You can access the promo by dialing Globe's *143# in the phone dialer and select the GoSAKTO in the menu and follow the instructions there. (This is quite a long process)

Via Text: Send "GOTSCOMBODD70" to 8888 and you will recieve a status text if the registration is successful.

Via GoSAKTO App: Download the GoSAKTO app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Via Web: You can mix and match the GoSAKTO promos by going in the GoSAKTO Website here.

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