Globe has introduced new features for their postpaid plans which now allows subscribers to have a better control of their monthly data allowance with Data Rollover and Data Sharing.
Globe Postpaid Plans Data Rollover and Data Sharing

How does the Data Rollover work?
For example, you have used your 2GB of your 3GB data allowance this month, the left over data will be carried over or added in your next month's data allowance. No data will be wasted now due to expiry but it has a catch in which if didn't use the remaining data allowance in the second month, it will be forfeited. You can check the conditions below:
  • The Data Rollover feature has no extra charge.
  • Rolled over data allowance will be consumed first on the following month.
  • All remaining rolled-over data will be forfeited on the second month if not used.

How does the Data Sharing works?
  • Subscribers with multiple postpaid line in one accound can share data. 
  • Data consumption is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Remaining data allowance from the current month will roll over to the next month. (Rolled over data is valid for 1 month only.)
  • Data sharing is available for mobile numbers under the same account only, and must be under a myLifestyle Plan, or a Data-Only Share Plan.
  • P100 monthly share fee applies per SIM or device.

These new postpaid plan features are available for Globe myLifestyle and Platinum plans. Subscribers must go to and register in order to avail the services.

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