Western Digital (WD) created five (5) types of hard drives such as the WD Blue, Black, Red, Purple and Gold in the market to cater different business and individual needs.
WD Black Hard Drive Unboxing

These hard drive color names have specific usages such as in Normal Computing, Intensive Applications, Surveillance, Networking and Enterprise applications. In this unboxing and first impression write-up, we’re featuring the WD Black and test a bit for a spin to see what makes this hard drive so special for gamers and to creative enthusiasts in the real world applications. 

Now let's unbox the WD Black hard drive as seen in the images below:
WD Black Hard Drive Unboxing
It has a simple card board packaging to protect the device
WD Black Hard Drive Unboxing
The drive is protected by foams in different directions
WD Black Hard Drive Unboxing
The WD Black has a special plastic to avoid any static charges
WD Black Hard Drive Unboxing

WD Black Hard Drive (WD6001FZWX) Specifications
Model Number: WD6001FZWX
Interface: SATA 3 6Gb/s
Formatted Capacity: 6TB
Form factor: 3.5 inch
Advanced Format: Yes
RoHS Compliant: Yes

Data transfer rate (max):
  • Buffer to host: 6 Gb/s
  • Host to/from drive (sustained): 218 MB/s
Cache (MB): 128
Rotational speed (RPM): 7200
Reliability/Data Integrity: Load/unload cycles: 300,000
Non-recoverable read errors per bits read: < 1 in 10
Limited warranty (years): 5

Power Management:
Average power requirements (W):
  • Read/Write: 10.6
  • Idle: 7.6
  • Standby/Sleep: 1.6
Environmental Specifications:
Temperature (°C):
  • Operating: 5 to 55
  • Non-operating: -40 to 70
Acoustics (dBA):
  • Idle: 31
  • Seek (average): 34
  • Operating (Read 2 m/s): 30
  • Operating (Write 2 m/s): 65
  • Non-operating (2 m/s): 300

Physical Dimensions:
Height (in./mm, max): 10.25 / 26.1
Length (in./mm, max): 5.787 / 147
Width (in./mm, ± .01 in.): 4 / 101.6
Weight (lb./kg, ± 10%): 1.58 / 0.72 ± 3%

WD Black Highlights

Increased Reliability 
StableTrac Technology  secures the motor shaft inside of the hard drive to increase reliability and help reduce impact due to system-induced vibrations from other components. By stabilizing the platters inside, the WD Black drive results in more accurate tracking in a particular sector during read and write operations, optimizing performance and reliability.

Increased DRAM cache 
The Dynamic Cache Technology improves caching algorithms in real time to allocate and optimize cache between reads and writes. This movement of cache for read data helps to reduce congestion and increase overall performance.

Efficient dual processing
A dual-core processor offers twice the processing capability as a single-core processor to maximize drive performance for faster read and write speeds.

We will be releasing a full review of this WD Black soon and we’re going to test, benchmark and tell the whole experience and advantages in using the WD Black drive so we can provide better understanding on how it can be reliable in heavy storage applications.

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