Whether be it in city streets, parks or malls, everyone is game to catch every Pokemon on the way just to level up and earn items, stardusts and candies. Globe has provided us safety tips to catch all Pokemon right while playing the game, see the tips below:

Pokemon GO Safety Tips Infographic

1. Pokéstop, Look and Listen
Take the time to stop, look and listen whenever needed! Remember to keep that golden rule when crossing teh street or strolling in the mall. It's important to take note that safety goes beyond catching a Jigglypuff.

2. Watch where you're going
Pokéstops or gyms might be in locations with restricted access, don't go the extra mile of trespassing into a location and risk getting in trouble just for the game.

3. Don't catch and drive
Remember in the Philippines, we now have the Anti-Distracted driving act. If you are caught driving and holding your phone, you'll get penalize for as high as Php20,000. No game is more precious than the lives of people on the road, so simply avoid playing while driving.

4. Catch with friends
The buddy system has always been a culture in fieldtrips, adventures, or going to new places. In the same manner, to ensure safety and to experience Pokémon GO better to go exploring with a buddy for a more enjoyable playtime.

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