KINGMAX will be holding a free trial review event of its product AirQ Check Air Mobile Health Device this coming September and they will giveaway a total of USD1,600 (around Php74,000) of prize money.

AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Monitor Device

One of the requirements is to join the event and if you're selected you'll have the chance to receive the AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device for free (valued USD69). The KINGMAX team will choose top-three product reviews and the winning testers will take home the USD1,600 cash prizes.

The "AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device" is KINGMAX’s first-ever product for smart living devices. The research team of KINGMAX has developed the said product as most the average persons will stay indoors everyday and poor air quality may lead to different illness and disease such as asthma, chronic inflamation and other respiratory diseases. Other effects such as long term exposure to poor air quality is carcinogenic especially to lower-resistance individuals such as infants, pregnant women, elderly, and chronically ill people.

The KINGMAX AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device will help everyone to distinguish good air quality from bad. The device's suggested retail price is at USD69 (around Php3.1k).

You can check more details about registration through their Facebook fan page by September here:

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