Are you taking part of the newest craze in town? Pokémon GO has been taking over the Philippines since it launched this August. This location-based mobile game makes players of all ages dominate training grounds such as shopping malls, business establishments, tourist spots, restaurants, school campuses, and streets. Pokemon GO users can get the latest updates for free without data charges through the freenet app.

Rain or shine, everyone is so thrilled and fascinated to catch a Pokémon in every corner!

To make Pokémon hunting more enjoyable, Takatack has provided  a list of essential items for your trainings and battles: 

Powerbank to keep you charged

Never lose power while you play! This gaming app requires a lot of battery life as your phone constantly needs to use its GPS, camera, and data or WiFi while playing. That’s why it’s important to always bring a powerbank to keep your phone alive for your  Pokémon GO activities throughout the day. 

Active shoes for hunting

Pokémon hunting makes walking more fun! To level-up your journey, you must stay in populated areas and hop from one Pokéstop to another to catch unique pocket monsters. Just don’t forget to wear the right footwear so that hunting will be comfortable. 

Umbrellas for weather protection

Don’t let the unpredictable weather interrupt your quest to become the very best trainer there is! It’s good to be ready with an umbrella so you can continue your search for PokéStops and Pokémon, battle with other trainers in gyms, and connect with fellow players. 

PayMaya to purchase Pokecoins

Buy PokéCoins conveniently using PayMaya! This reloadable prepaid app and card will help you progress in the game faster with the help of PokeBalls, incense and lure modules that make it easier to attract and catch Pokémon.

Enjoy all these items for sale on The Trainer’s Arsenal promo on Takatack. You can also get P200 OFF for a minimum purchase of P1,000 on products fulfilled by Takatack when you use the coupon code: CATCH'EM upon checkout. This promo will run for a limited time only!

You can view the all of the Pokémon Go essentials here: 

Be the best Pokemon Trainer by getting the right gear. Time to catch ‘em all! (PR)

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