Cloudfone has announced that a software update for the One Touch, All Access Device, Cloudfone Thrill Access, is freely available for download via Over-the-air (OTA).

Cloudfone Thrill Access Over-The-Air OTA Update
Cloudfone Thrill Access Software Update
Steps on updating the Cloudfone Thrill Access
1. Go to the Cloudfone Care app
2. Tap on "Software Updates"

What does the update bring to users?
  • The update brings the following to Thrill Access users:
  • Bug Fixes for Camera and Connection
  • Weather and Calculator App Update
  • TARA Security App Version Update
  • CF DataSave (NEW!)

By downloading the update, users get:
Enhanced quality and experience
Minor software and app fixes for camera and connection to ensure that users encounter less bugs when using the Cloudfone Thrill Access.

Improved security and safety
TARA Anti-Theft App gives consumer an option to lock their device when stolen while CF DataSave, the newest installment on upcoming Cloudfone devices, is an embedded feature that manages and saves consumers’ data usage.

Optimized online surfing
CF DataSave allows users to save on their data consumption, so users can watch more, play more, and surf more without spending more!

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