With the sudden rise of the popularity of the game Pokemon GO app for Android and iOS last weekend, the Game Developers Niantic Labs has temporarily blocked access to non-official countries as their servers are overwhelmed for the amount of players. But the game will be available to anytime soon so let's just wait for the official announcements.

Pokemon Players Trade in Pokemon GO
Players trading in Pokemon GO

Niantic Labs' CEO John Hanke dropped the bomb when he hinted that the Pokemon GO will soon feature a Pokemon trade, where hard earned Pokemon pets can be exchanged between families, friends and even strangers.

"It's kind of a core element," Hanke says.

Hanke didn't elaborated further of the details of how would the trading work however he also said that the feature encourages players to interact with each other in both the virtual and real worlds. Swapping Pokémon around would foster those kinds of interactions and thus encouranging everyone to catch em' all! At the end of the day, it will be an additional great feature to the game and what Pokemon fans really expect.

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Hanke also hinted in the interview that there would be more UI and Augmented reality features soon. The game might also land in one of the notable AR device - the Microsoft HoloLens.

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Do you want to know if your smartphone is compatible with Pokemon GO? Check out the required specifications here for a smooth gameplay. Let us also what you think about these news down in the comments below!

Source: Tech Insider

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