Building on decades of research and serving the market, household name KINGMAX today enters the Smart Life market with the launch of its AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device at Computex, the international IT trade show in Taipei. KINGMAX CEO Joe Liu will officially unveil the AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device, built on KINGMAX’ strengths in R&D and manufacturing of sensor and memory carriers.

Kingmax AirQ Check Mobile Health Device
Kingmax AirQ Check Mobile Health Device

Research shows that most people spend at least 90% of their time indoors. Poor indoor air quality will lead to asthma, chronic inflammation, weakened immune systems, and raise the chance of respiratory diseases for adults and children alike. In order to defend your right to breathe clean air, KINGMAX developed the AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device, an “electronic nose” able to detect hazardous gases in the air around us.

Shaped like a USB disk, the device, when paired with a smartphone, will automatically connect to a dedicated app, and will immediately start monitoring and analyzing whether concentrations of TVOC gases (such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, amines, and carbon monoxide) exceed limits. The device also detects temperature and humidity, giving the user a complete picture and control of the air quality in their surroundings, so they can take immediate response action to prevent or minimize exposure to air pollution.

In the AirQ Check app, users can select sampling frequencies of once every second, every ten seconds, or once per minute, allowing for easy observation of changes in air quality in the same location over time. Indicators on the casing will flash in different colors: a green light for good air quality, orange for moderate, and red for hazardous. This way, consumers may know the air quality around them at a glance, and take immediate action in response, such as leaving the scene, opening the window to vent the room, checking for gas leaks or other malfunctioning of equipment.

In addition to its powerful features and slim dimensions, which make it easy to carry and easy to store, the AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device also has a stylish appearance: its metallic frame with matte coating creates a perfect sense of harmony. The ergonomically designed push-slide cover is attached and cannot be lost. The MicroUSB port is compatible with virtually all mobile phones on the market, so the plug-and-play device does not require a battery. Now, children, adults, and seniors can all easily monitor indoor and outdoor air quality!

Founded as an OEM foundry and backed by the quality perfected through the cooperation with large enterprises, KINGMAX Group at some point started building its own brand and integrating its up-, mid-, and downstream strengths. KINGMAX products are now sold in over 200 countries, both under its own label and client labels. KINGMAX is expanding into biotechnology and mobile health devices, focusing on solutions in monitoring and prevention. KINGMAX will soon launch other consumer applications and products to enable smart, happy, and healthy lives for everyone.

The AirQ Check Air Quality Mobile Health Device is expected to be available in retail in July, at a suggested price of USD 59 or around Php2,800. (PR)

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