KINGMAX, a well-known memory modules manufacturer, has officially announced its foray into entering the market for a smarter living.

AirQ Check MicroUSB Mobile Health Device
AirQ Check MicroUSB Mobile Health Device

The company has noticed the need of a solution in the issue of health hazards caused by poor air quality all over the world in the recent years until now. With that reason, KINGMAX has thoroughly research and vertically integrated all available resources to create the world's first and only portable air quality checker called the "AirQ Check - Air Quality Monitor" to be able to provide a beneficial product to the health and well-being of all consumers.

The AirQ Check is an air quality checker that has very similar look with the small USB thumb/flash drive that comes with an ergonomic sliding cap. The AirQ Check is microUSB powered device which means that you can easily take it anywhere and plug it into your smartphone and run the dedicated app to check the air concentration of carbon dioxide, and other volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, alcohol, carbon monoxide, etc. Finally there is a device where you can check if it's safer to breathe in.

The AirQ Check is be available in the global market soon as per the company and can be purchased in designated retailers in different countries. KINGMAX will be also launching more smart living products soon, so let's watch out for that. You can check their Facebook page for more info: KINGMAX Global Facebook.

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