Grab Philippines, Southeast Asia’s leading ride-sharing app, is cooking up something new to delight its passengers once again with GrabChamporado. Yum! :3

Grab offers free hot #GrabChamporado

Starting from 11am to 3pm on July 15, Grab will deliver a free bowl of hot champorado to bring warmth to passengers to an otherwise cold day.

To get GrabChamporado, passengers just have to book through the special GrabChamporado icon in the Grab app with these easy steps: 

1. Open the Grab app 
2. Tap on the special “GrabChamporado” icon 
3. Enter the same pick up and drop off points 
4. Confirm booking
5. A bowl of hot champorado will be delivered by friendly Grab staff in no time

“When it’s raining or cold, what do you crave for? Of course, the perfect choice would be to make champorado with local tablea and topped with milk. With GrabChamporado, we already did that for you. All you need to do is book and we’ll deliver,” said Khriz Lim, Grab Philippines’ Country Marketing Head.
“Champorado is as local as they come and since most of us grew up with our moms making this for us when it was raining, it’ll be good to indulge in the nostalgia of it all. With GrabChamporado, we want to show our appreciation for our passengers for their support throughout the years,” said Lim. 

This is not the first time the ride-sharing app has pulled off a local campaign like this --- last December, they celebrated Christmas Filipino-style by giving out GrabBibingka to passengers. 
“We’re proudly hyperlocal --- Grab was founded in Malaysia but in all the six countries we are in, local teams run the show and campaigns are tailor-fitted to suit each country’s culture and traditions. Nothing is as Filipino as champorado, the way our moms made it.” said Lim. 

For more details and updates on GrabChamporado and Grab Philippines, check out their Facebook page, or their website,

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