Globe Prepaid's Jamie Alfonso Zobel has officially announced that the Globe Switch comes with free 7 days data access for Pokemon GO just earlier in the Globe Switch event at the Globe Tower.

Globe Switch with 7 days free Pokemon GO access

The Globe Switch app comes with free 3GB of access to 50 apps plus 500MB to the first 500k downloaders plus 7 days of Pokemon GO when the app officially comes out in the Philippines. As of the moment the Pokemon GO's release date for the Philippines is not yet confirmed, but we're pretty sure it will be coming soon, even Globe didn't know the official release date of the game yet.

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The Globe Switch is an app for Android (soon for iOS) that helps Globe prepaid users to manage, monitor and track all mobile data usage of apps, you can even block apps from using any mobile data. The app also provides mostly of Globe's special promo offerings and other deals that maybe released soon.

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