These days, a smartphone can do more than just text, call, and take pictures. With your smartphone, you can close deals, send important emails, chat with a loved one who’s thousands of miles away, watch a movie, and yes, apply for a credit card or perform bank transactions and other financial matters.

There are lots of apps which you can download on your smartphones that can track and organize your expenses, and help you save money for the rainy days. Here are five of them.

Expense Manager (Android, Free, offers in-app purchases)
Just like what the app’s name suggests, Expense Manager allows you to manage your expenses even from your mobile device. It lets you record your cash and credit card spending and categorize them for easier tracking. What’s great about this app is that you can manage your categories, like food and drinks, transportation, health, utilities, and the like. You can easily view the detailed statistics on how much of your money goes to a particular category so you can better manage it. The information this app provides can help you set a limit and stick to it each week, month, or year. You can unlock advanced features through in-app purchases, like income recording, detailed statistics, and expense distribution. 

MoneyWise (Android, Free, Paid for Pro version)
This is another app that will help you organize your finances and manage your money the easiest way possible. You can monitor how much you’re spending, down to the last centavo, with the help of colorful graphs and filters. This app also allows you to set budgets, monitor your cash flow, and give you an analysis of your spending. It’s easy to use, and you can label your expenses with different tags for easier monitoring. You also don’t need to be connected to the internet in order to use this app. There’s no registration required, either. More importantly, you can even export data from the app and save it on an Excel spreadsheet. 

Quick Money (iOS and Android, Free)
This is another budget and spending tracker that you can download on your smartphone so you can manage your finances everywhere you go. When you need to know where all your hard earned money is going, an app like this can help you track and monitor it. It has customizable categories to keep everything organized and easy to check. It also has simple and colorful graphs to help you analyze your income and spending data like a pro. What’s even more helpful about this app is that you can take photos of receipts using the app for record purposes. When everything is this organized, it’s easier to stay within budget and save more money. 

GoodBudget (iOS and Android, Free, offers in-app purchases)
This app is what you need if you want to plan your budget effectively. You can see your spending at any given time with the help of the in-app reports on your budget and expenditures. GoodBudget makes use of the envelope budgeting method. You set a budget for each envelope that you create. Only with this app, you get colorful envelope reports without the physical envelopes. It also lets you share a budget with another family member, and syncs it across multiple devices. Which means you can use the app on your smartphone when you’re on the go, as well as on your computer when you’re at your work desk. 

My Budget Book (iOS and Android, Paid)
This app is another easy and simple tool that will help you manage your financial life. You can better track where you are spending your income and help you manage your money more effectively. It makes use of your transactions to see what your expenses will be like in the coming weeks and track how much money you will have. You can set limits and budgets to control your cash and credit card spending for a certain period of time. The app can also be used offline. Boring numbers are made more interesting with the use of colorful graphs and tables. You can also attach photos of receipts of your transactions for easier tracking.

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