Digital Walker’s splendiferous Gear of the Month makes it easy for you to single out the right earphones
DeFunc +Music

When it comes to choosing the right gear for the ear, things can get tricky -- even for the most seasoned audionaut! As one of the most in-demand accessories of all time, nowadays, every tech brand seems to have a different take on everyone’s favorite mobile music emitters. The choices can get extremely overwhelming but luckily, one brand thought of an ingenious way to make it easier for anyone to select the right earphones based on their needs — DeFunc.
DeFunc +Talk

This June, the country’s foremost authority in cult-loved gadgets and tech accessories, Digital Walker, wants to bring everyone’s attention to what are arguably four of the world’s most efficient earphones to date. Engineered in Sweden, DeFunc’s headphones promise to give you exactly what you need based on who you are.
DeFunc +Hybrid

+Talk, with its top-of-the-line microphone and ambient sound awareness, is ideal for heavy talkers who need to maintain crystal clear connection with their contacts. Meanwhile, +Music is recommended for those whose main reason for getting earphones is so they can take their music everywhere they go. It has high fidelity drivers and ambient noise reducers so you get unadulterated listening experience, each time and every time.
DeFunc +Sport

For multi-taskers who need an equal balance of the features offered by +Talk and +Music, you can opt for +Hybrid. Finally, there’s +Sport, which showcases the same features as the +Hybrid but tailored for active people. With three different sizes of ear hooks, it offers a secured fit so you can enjoy stable sound quality while on the run. In addition, it is also sweat and water resistant.

DeFunc earphones are available at all Digital Walker outlets nationwide. Get an additional 15% discount when you purchase one this June. For more information on Digital Walker, follow them on Instagram and Twitter with handle @digitalwalkerph or on Facebook at Digital Walker Store. (PR)

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