The summer is officially here and it is time to start planning for your holidays. While lots of tourists prefer to spend their time away sat on the beach sunbathing, there are many who don't really enjoy cooking themselves under the sun. So, if you're one of those whose time on the beach is spent sat in the shade trying to avoid getting burnt, what can you do to keep yourself entertained while your holiday companions sleep for three hours, turn over, and sleep for another three?

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Technology has certainly opened up a whole new world of options for those looking to occupy themselves at the beach. So let's take a look at some of the technological options available to you on the beach.

Online Casinos: If you have your smartphone or a tablet and a decent internet connection, there's nothing stopping you from enjoying some of your favourite casino games. From roulette to blackjack, poker to video slots, you now have a whole world of casino games at your fingertips, and there are certainly worse ways to kill a few hours on the beach than by hitting the virtual casino floor! Whether it's bgo casino, betvictor or any of the other established online casinos out there, the huge array of games available to betting fans can keep you entertained for hours - for more info on bgo, you can click here.

Audiobooks: Whether you have a traditional book or an ebook, reading at the beach is no easy task. After spending a couple of hours trying to find the most comfortable way to hold your book, it more often than not becomes a tool to block out the sun or fan away flies. The birth of audiobooks has really taken away the need to carry books around with you, never mind try and come up with a method of keeping your book upright, and the beach is a perfect place to catch up on the New York Times Best Seller list without having to go to the effort of moving.

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Swimming: If the thought of sitting in the sun all day isn't for you, maybe you'd be happier making the most out of the ocean in front of you. As more and more of us begin to track our fitness with the use of Fitbits and other devices, the Finis Hydro Tracker will help you monitor all the swimming you do on your holiday. The 8-oz tracker can fit on your arm or swim cap, with its built-in GPS system recording every stroke you do, and you can then sync the device up with your phone or laptop and check out just how far you've swum. 

Photography: Many people are put off from taking their camera to the beach due to sand and saltwater, but the Nikon Coolpix AW120 takes away this worry. As well as being safe from sand, dust and sea water, this camera works in both high and low temperatures, meaning it won't explode in the sun or die if dropped into the ice box. So you no longer have to miss those hilarious moments that happen at the beach or those beautiful views on display, and you won't be picking sand out of the lenses six months later.

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