Plextor will announce its new generation of consumer and industrial grade solid state drive (SSD) products during Computex 2016; including the highly anticipated M8Pe series for professional gamers and the unique EX1 portable external SSD. Plextor's new series of SSD products use exclusively developed, advanced technologies that provide excellent performance to capture the attention of the market and various industries, and is expected to set a revolutionary new standard for SSD products.

Introducing the M8Pe for High Speed Gaming
Plextor, with its iconic PCIe SSD product which has won wide recognition in terms of professional gaming standards, will be showcasing its latest M8Pe series during this year's Computex; it inherits the ultra-fast performance of Plextor's professional gaming SSDs and features a unique heat sink design. The M8Pe is able to make use of its internal convection to rapidly reduce the SSD's operating temperature, prevent shortening the SSD's service life due to overheating. At the same time, the SSD features optimum temperature control in order to maintain the computer's maximum operating speed. Besides the sleek and large heat sink, the M8Pe is also equipped with dazzling illuminating components, giving it an appearance and performance that will definitely amaze gamers who are into making computer modifications.

The M8Pe is Plextor's first product that supports the NVMe protocol; it is also the first to adopt the latest generation of PCIe Gen 3 x 4 high-speed interface, capable of achieving unbelievable read/write transmission speeds. With the release of the M6e series at the end of 2013, Plextor was the first to implement the high-speed PCIe interface, earning wide recognition from the gaming industry. The latest M8Pe has been upgraded to third generation PCIE x4 interface, able to provide up to four times the bandwidth, and its read-write efficiency significantly exceeds the previous generation by more than double.

The EX1 will Kickoff the Era of Portable High-speed SSDs
With the increasing performance of computers, requirements for file exchange capacity and data transmission speeds have also become more demanding. To satisfy the latest trend of sharing large image files or even 4K video files, Plextor will be announcing its EX1 portable external SSD during Computex.

The EX1 comes in three different capacities: 128 , 256, and 512 GB, and uses the latest USB3.1 Type-C interface to provide ultra-fast transmission speeds; it is capable of reaching a speed of 500 MB per second and above, which significantly exceeds that of traditional USB slots. With efficiency unmatched by traditional USB flash drives, the EX1 is able to provide users with more professional external portable drive applications, efficiently exchanging and processing high volumes of data at any time and place.

Plextor to Showcase its Leading Technologies in Various Fields
During Computex, Plextor will exhibit its latest M8Pe series which offers amazing speeds and reliable performance. Visitors will be able to experience the new generation of powerful gaming performance and system advantages made possible by M8Pe's perfect integration of the ultimate platform. Visitors will also be able to witness how EX1's high application efficiency is going to support the new USB3.1 Type-C interface.

There will also be static displays of Plextor's latest generation of SSD products for industrial PCs, and explanations will be provided on the technical advantages of a wide operating temperature range. At the exhibition booth for enterprise customers, EP-2 server-grade products will be on display. Specialists from Plextor will be present to help visitors and explain how to build a data storage environment based on specific applications.

Learn more about Plextor's unique professional storage knowledge in SSD products at Computex, where various advanced SSD interface device designs including M.2 PCIe, M.2 SATA, etc. will be on display. In addition to the M8Pe, the M.2 PCIe SSD mainstream product M8Se will also be making its debut to showcase its superior performance and configuration.

Plextor's Operation Director Eva Lee stated, "During this year's Computex, besides showcasing the M8Pe series, which is the result of Plextor's latest technologies and R&D efforts, we are also launching the exclusive EX1 external SSD to cater for different consumer demands. Different series of products catering to various fields will be on display during Computex. The consumer market, industrial applications, and the professional server market are all areas that Plextor specializes in and holds a leadership role. We welcome visitors from various industries to visit us during the exhibition."

Computex 2016 will be held from May 31 to June 3, 2016. Plextor's exhibition booth will be located in suite 1143, 11th Floor of the Grand Hyatt Taipei. (PR)

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