Finally, here comes Google's best answer for the Amazon Echo that launched last year. Just today, Google announced the voice-controlled assistant speaker device named Google Home.

Introducing the Google Home

Just like the Amazon Echo, the Google Home is a smart WiFi powered speaker that can assist users in searching things in the web, playing music that you like, complete task/s and can event control devices on your home (much like a home automation). To be able to use it, the voice command "Hey Google" should be used which is similar like using the Google App for Android.

The Google Home works especially because it runs on Google Assistant technology (the one you see in the Google Now App for Android) that helps you to know the current weather, sending email or text, checking flights and many other more. Developers can soon be able to integrate apps (like Spotify & Uber) and other smart home devices such as the Nest. It also can interact with the Chromecast, so you can easy control it just by using a voice command, what a neat feature, you can do a hands free search!

The Google Home is highly customizable in the aspect of design so it can match the theme of your home, the bottom part is interchangeable with different colors and patterns or maybe personalized designs in the future.

The availability and pricing were not officially announced yet, but Google gave a hint that the Home will be on sale later this year, meaning, it will be most likely to be around by October to December this year.

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