In a hazardous working environment that involves plenty of machinery and electronic tools, you could say that “playing safe” does not mean succumbing to vulnerability. When embarking on a site project, whether for large infrastructures or small residential spaces, two things are true: health and safety are key components to efficiently complete the constructional endeavor.

Safety and welfare are always reflected in Bosch’s products and services. Much like the high-grade functionality of their power tool products, its technologies are built to protect its users from getting wounded, punctured or fatigued from sparks, dusts and impact force. Bosch is continuously developing key innovations in safety technologies and education which makes its products the ultimate companion as it provide back-to-back benefits of quality performance and high user protection. 

As a global leader in portable tool equipment, Bosch shares the power of its extensive health and safety technologies that optimize the wellness and protection of its end-users.

Dust Extraction System

A dusty environment may pose health issues in the respiratory system such as emphysema and bronchitis, and could even increase the risk of cancer. Long exposure to inhalable and respirable dusts not only harms the user’s health, but it also damages the tools as well. 

Bosch’s Dust Extraction System seamlessly secludes coarse and harmful microelements away allowing the user get a clear view of the work surface while getting the job done quick and stress-free. Imagine it as reverse vacuum, Bosch’s Dust Extraction System releases all the dusts collected through a release hose. The elimination of dusts reduces the chance of tool breakage.

Pair the tool with safety garbs such as the dusk mask and safety goggles.

Vibration Control
The hands account for the most part of the workload dealing with moving tools at an exhaustive periods of time. Electronic equipment such as power tools can generate amounts of vibrations that can result to fatigue or the Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). Most common among tradesmen who use heavy duty equipment for chipping and hammering, this syndrome causes the hands and arms to numb severely and reduce its dexterity.

As a solution to this challenge, the Vibration Control feature found in Bosch hammering tools is responsible in constraining the tremors by realigning the handles from the sources of vibration. By decoupling the joints connected to the handlebar and the vibration source, it enables the user to work comfortably while maintaining a stable stance. With the elimination of strong trembles, work is much faster and easier. 

Make sure to hold the tools in a relaxed grip so that the arm and hand muscles won’t strain. Take regular breaks to rest and wear gloves to maintain good circulation.

Kick Back Stop and Safety Clutch

he sudden twists and kickbacks are unpredictable and dangerous defects that may cause the tool to get out of control. This unexpected glitch between the material and the power tool can lead to serious injuries to the user’s wrist and damage to the workstation. 

This common technical shortcoming enabled Bosch to develop the Kick Back Stop and Safety Clutch technologies. Found mostly in Bosch’s grinder tools, the anti-kick-back feature is a smart solution which immediately switches the grinder off whenever tool jamming is detected. The safety clutch technology –installed mostly in Bosch rotary hammer tools – impedes the tool from twisting violently by shutting down the motor immediately whenever the drill bit gets stuck in concrete. These key features minimize and prevent personal impairment thanks to better grasp and control.

Restart Protection

Unintentional jolt of a power tool can harshly cut or bruise the user and the people nearby. The disc of a grinder, for instance, tends to run abruptly when it is reconnected to the power source or battery pack after a long break. Reckless handling can especially make the user susceptible to bodily wounds and lashes. 

With The Bosch Restart Protection, the tool gets actively turned off before it can be started again. The technology for restart protection averts automatic restarts after a long power cut.  
Anti-Rotation Protective Guard

The razor-edged discs on grinders should already be a warning sign for users to wear protective gears for the head, eyes, hands and body. Shattering discs can cause serious potential injuries as the fragments are sharp and can fly at incredible high speed.

Bosch’s Anti-Rotation Protective Guard ensures that fragmented discs do not strike the user by locking the rotation wheel in place. Boost the work performance by pairing the tool with safety goggles, hard hat, heavy gloves and thick clothing to avoid severe lacerations and eye-related impairments.

Electronic Rotation Control

Obstacles such as unforeseeable tilting and jamming against wood, metal or masonry can result to hard impact and bruise. 

The Electronic Rotation Control embedded in Bosch cordless drills automatically deactivates the tool to minimize kickback and unwanted rotation in the event of tool jamming. Through its integrated acceleration sensor, it can also detect sudden movements. With this feature, users can have their tool under full control even in the toughest screw driving and applications. 

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