ZUS is a smart car dual-USB charger that is from the brand Nonda that is based on Palo Alto, California, USA. ZUS features dual-USB 2x fast charging speeds which is 4.8A maximum which can charge both smartphones and tablets twice the speed of normal chargers, ElegantShine lighting which is basically LED lights at the USB side to make it convenient at night, smart chip and a locator app companion whenever you want to track your car whenever you forget where it's parked

The brand boasts that ZUS is a Military Grade Quality device and is designed in Germany which says that it is the only car charger to meet the US Military MIL-STD-810 High Temperature Standard. This is a premium car charger that is different from the regular ones and is priced $29.99 or around Php1,300 each. So is it worth the money? Let's check it out below!

What's inside the box?

The box of the Zus Smart Car Charger has the following items:
  • 1 x ZUS Smart Car Charger Unit
  • 1 x User Manual

Look, Feel & Build Quality

Overall the look of the ZUS is very premium looking and not the usual design of a normal car charger that you probably won't appreciate, this one feels more of a high quality build and sturdy that will last long. It looks a bit heavier than it looks. So far the thanks to its German Bayer Material that is covering the unit, it is an eye-candy plus the Titanium coating to the metal parts.

The ElegantShine or the LED lights is one of the feature of this car charger that makes this charger unique from other less expensive chargers. It is very helpful in the dark especially during night driving and you need to charge. Also, there is a 3 mini LED status indicator lights near the top side (when inserted into the car socket). Overall, the build is very good and premium-looking.

Performance, Charging & Temperature

As for the performance, we have tested the ZUS unit, so far it is able to charge two smartphones at once twice the rate of what it is promised it to do. On test, it fully charge a phone in about an hour and a half, which normally takes 2 hours or so on regular charging.

As for its smart device detection chip, it is able to identify on what type of device it would charge in a fast or lower speed to avoid burning the units not capable of fast charging. But as far as the FAQ goes, there would be some limitations like if you are just using a standard OEM cable to your fast charging phone, it would just be charging based on the maximum power that the cable can handle. Also it is not compatible to Qualcomm's Quick Charge technology.

As for temperature tests, so far there is no noticeable much heat generated while using the unit so it is safe to use in the car.

ZUS App & UI
There is a downloadable ZUS app that is both available at Google Play and Apple Store (free). This feature is what also makes this car charger unique from other car chargers out there. After downloading the app, there is a mandatory registration which you can select between connecting your Facebook account or sign up with email. After successful registration, click Continue and allow the App to connect via Bluetooth, the below image would appear in the app:

 After searching is done and it detects the ZUS unit, which is connected too by Bluetooth, it will show the status that it is now connected to the app. It will just only show that the car is nearby while it detects the ZUS. You can even Set An Alarm for a reminder when your parking ticket is about to expire or reach the time limit to avoid parking penalties. The app also saves the current location via GPS and saves it in your device for later use.

Now upon turning off the engine of your car, the ZUS turns off too, this is the start of the app tracking. You can see below that the app gives approximate values on where to find your car, but this is GPS dependent. The Bluetooth is only used to detect if the device is near the parameter or when the car is supplying the ZUS device a power. Moreover this is an app location feature only that is saved before leaving the car, not really location that is coming from ZUS. Also, sometimes the app have different output in distance because it only basing to your device GPS detection, so there are times it's quite not that exact in distances, it is good in approximation. This feature cannot be used as for security such as anti-theft as it will not provide real-time GPS location.

You can use the map to see better where you and you car is placed in the map.

This app is only usable only while the Bluetooth is turned on, this is a bit silly though at times when the ZUS device is turned off and it still requires your phone to use it when the GPS location data is already saved. Although they may have default it to not confuse the users but Bluetooth still drains the battery.

ZUS Specifications
  • Dimensions: 84mm X 18.2mm (high at tip) X 35.3mm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Bluetooth: Yes, 4.0
  • Input: 12V or 24V cigarette lighter
  • Output: 5V, max 4.8A total
  • Temperature rating: US Military MIL-STD-810G High Temperature Standard, up to 100ÂșC
  • Color: Black
  • Ports: 2 Standard USB ports
  • Device Compatibility
    • iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6+, 6s, 6s+, iOS 7.1 and other above versions 
    • Android 4.3 and other above OS versions

  • Designed in Germany
  • Smart Car Locator
  • US Military Grade Coating
  • Titanium Coating
  • 2x Charging Speed (4.8A)
  • Low Energy Bluetooth
  • ElegantShine Lightning
  • Smart Device Detection
  • German Bayer Material
  • ZUS Cooling System
  • Data Plan Free

So is ZUS Car Charger worth the money? Definitely YES! But it will depend on the user, if all you wanted is a regular car charger that can power your phone or tablet then you can get a cheaper car charger but if you want a sleek, premium looking, able to charge faster, you always forget where you parked your car or have a habit of forgetting your ticket time expiration then the ZUS Smart Car charger is for you. 

You can get one with the price tag of USD29.99 (excluding tax & shipping fee) on Nonda's official website: http://www.nonda.co/products/nonda-zus-smart-car-charger. We would like to thank the guys from Nonda for sending this unit.

  • Very durable & premiassum looking car charger
  • Intelligent detection of a device's charging speed
  • Fast dual-usb charging speed
  • Cooling system
  • Unique look from other car chargers
  • LED lights helps especially during dark

  • The GPS & location relies only on your smartphone
  • Location can sometimes be inaccurate
  • App is only functional when the Bluetooth is on

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5
  • Design: 5
  • Build: 5
  • Performance: 4
  • Software: 4
  • Features: 5
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