Isn't it a stress and an overall headache to constantly think that a malware or a virus may infect your Windows PC or tablet especially when you have all your important files in it? Are you tired of reinstalling your Windows OS whenever you could not remove the infection? Or you just want a security application that can really protect your PC with a peace of mind. (PS: See the giveaway details / rafflecopter below this page)

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We'll introduce to you an effective and free solution which is called the SecureAPlus, an application whitelisting and antivirus/malware application for your PCs. The SecureAPlus offers a  real-time protection, good detection ratio, fast scan speed, light on resources consumption, fully automated, blocks unkown files from launching and so on. Also it combines 12 popular antivirus-in-one on its cloud-based AV which are: Ahnlab, AVG, Avira, BitDefender, ClamWin, Emsisoft, ESET, McAfee, Microsoft Security Essentials, Quickheal, Sophos and Total Defense.

Watch the video explaining the benefits of using the SecureAPlus:

How to Install SecureAgePlus?
**This antivirus is only available to install to Windows OS

1. Download the installer here: and click on the green button on the page as indicated below in the picture:

2. You'll be directed in this page, select, click and save the installer you need to download, Full Installer (194.45MB) if you don't have a local anti-virus installed or just want to replace your old ones and Full Installer - No Offline AV (150.94MB) if you have existing antivirus and just want an extra protection. See the picture reference below:

3. Once the installer file is downloaded, click onto the installer.

4. Just follow the installation windows and proceed to next steps.

Once the installation is successful, you'll see this window box, click OK to continue.

5. The SecureAPlus will perform a full system scan after installation, it's to make sure the system is clean and there won't be any problems in running it. You can now enjoy and leave the malware and virus issues to SecureAPlus, it will now take care of the security problems of your PC. Click Launch Full App to see the main dialog screen.

User Interface (UI)
The SecureAPlus has a very good looking UI, it is very simple and easy to navigate. I think even inexperienced users can easily navigate different panes/tabs to find different settings or preference. Everything else in the UI is self-explanatory and can be understood with its icons and description.

The main window panel in SecureAPlus
Allow or block any programs with Whitelist

Upon installing the SecureAPlus, all applications that attempts to on your PC, will be monitored by SecureAPlus and will notify you if you want to unblock / trust to run the program or totally block it from running. There is also a default predefined list of trusted programs so it will not always notify you, however, when an unknown file or program tries to run and execute, it will notify you first.

12-in-One Cloud-based overall malware protection
Upon detecting a malware, a notification will appear just above the notification tray. The details of the malware will displayed such as the file path, threat type, name of the antivirus application that detected the threat and the actions you want to do. While the overall detection rate is good with SecureAPlus, there will still be false positives because it uses different antivirus engines but it lessens the instance of accidentally deleting or quarantining a perfectly safe file. See the image below for reference:

You can select the active antivirus engine during scans by checking and unchecking it, limit the daily upload limit and auto upload sample file for detection of malwares in the App Settings -> Universal AV.

A good thing to know too is that if the file is found suspicious by multiple antivirus engines, most likely it is a malware. You can either delete the said file, ignore it from scans or send it to quarantine to examine before deletion. You can also view the history of detections, manage the quarantine files and remove items from scanning exclusions.

  • Free on the first year of use
  • Fast full system scans
  • Automatic scans and updates
  • Light on PC resources / does not eat much RAM
  • 12 cloud anti-viruses for higher detection rates & low false positives
  • Application Whitelisting 
  • Works well on existing other Antivirus software to add extra layer of protection
  • Offline functionality
  • User Friendly
  • Email support

  • Relies on the internet for the full power of the anti-virus engine database (except if you choose the one with offline anti-virus, but still limited to the current downloaded database)

SecureAPlus is a free, no-brainer anti-malware and a smart whitelisting security solution to your Windows PCs and tablets. It also offers a very good detection through its pool of cloud-based antiviruses and sets it easy to manage to run only trusted programs which helps to prevent virus infections. Its offline mode works well too, but it fully protects when connected to its latest internet database. Overall it gets the job done, you can try it out yourself here, where you can download, install and see SecureAPlus' performance.

Software Rating: 4 out of 5 (Very Good) 

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