To welcome the spring flower season, KINGMAX has launched a line of stylish gaming RAM with a metallic look. Colors such as jewel red, star blue and cool silver are sure to catch your eye. The gaming community has rushed to test and evaluate the ZEUS DDR4 instant-cooling heatsink since its release. It provides a number of high-performance gaming RAM combinations with speeds of 2800MHz, 3000MHz and up to 3200MHz and single module memory of 4GB, 8GB and up to 16GB. That amount may even go up to a maximum of 32G as it also supports dual-channel memory with a heatsink. At the same time, the ZEUS DDR3 line has also been released with speeds of 1600MHz, 1866MHz and up to 2133MHz, all possessing overclocking, low CAS latency and low voltage capabilities. This allows gamers to survive system upgrading waves brought about by Intel’s new generation Skylake platform processors by comprehensively satisfying all system upgrade needs.

Another product debuting in the spring season is the ultra-thin PJ-05 OTG USB line. It is extremely small with dimensions of 3.2x1.2x0.7 centimeters and convenient to carry. No more fear of insufficient storage space for high-definition photos on flower viewing trips. The PJ-05 OTG also supports two interfaces in USB and micro USB, allowing it to be used in combination with mobile devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers simply by plugging in. Now you’ll be able to save all your beautiful memories with the spring flowers! In addition, with the memory stick price war reaching its zenith, we also debut the ultra-cheap SATAIII SSD SMQ lines. They utilize TLC NAND Flash technology and come in three sizes of 120GB, 240GB and 480GB. It is the basic hard drive memory stick that gives you the most bang for the buck, a perfect fit for the general public, students, families and personal workshops to transfer files at a discount price this spring. (PR)

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