The Music Revolution - Streaming high quality videos & audio on mobile devices are high in demand, so we created the ultimate sound device to meet that demand. COBBLE is the first light-weight, compact amplifier designed to give you the highest sound quality without limiting your smartphone functions.

As audio and video technology advance, streaming videos and music on mobile devices has become mainstream. However, most portable devices are not designed for streaming high quality sound. In the era of mobility, do you really want to carry a heavy amplifier around? No, and neither do we! COBBLE produces the same high definition sound as a heavy duty, high end amplifier, but it fits in the palm of your hand.

Before vs. After Sound Quality Experience

Designed for iPhone lovers

Does your portable amplifier prevent you from controlling your media on your iPhone? Is the microphone on your headphones and your amplifier not compatible? Is your current amplifier bulky, uncomfortable or distracting? If you answered yes, then COBBLE is the solution for you!

Since the introduction of smartphones, streaming audio and videos on the go has become the norm. We have the convenience to stream sound anywhere in the world, but the sound quality is often compromised for convenience and portability. Moreover, many smartphone functions won’t work with most of the current portable amplifiers in the marketplace. At TEICNEO, we believe the most important task of a phone is to communicate. With COBBLE, we provide the perfect solution to that problem. Light, strong, yet capable, the COBBLE is world’s first portable amplifier that allows you to use the built-in microphone of your headphones to control playback of your media, as well as make and receive calls while in use.

Key Features
COBBLE is battery-free, allowing you to access your music easily. Life with high quality
sound is just this simple.

COBBLE is fully compatible with all of your iPhone functions, gives you quality sound while still weighing less than 1 ounce! Despite its size, COBBLE is as resilient as a natural cobble, making COBBLE not only the lightest amplifier, but also the most durable and stylish one.

Simplicity! COBBLE is designed for your convenience. You simply plug it into your smartphone and go. Its unibody designed without any buttons improves the overall user experience and minimizes the potential of wear-and-tear from moveable parts. The smooth outer surface is built from high quality and durable metal chassis to give it both the strength and appearance of a pebble. The naturally strong structure not only provides a beautiful appearance, but also protects your amplifier.

Most portable amplifiers are limited to just audio playback. However, COBBLE is the world's first portable amplifier that is compatible with your earphones. You have full control of your media through the mic box on the earphone wire, and if you receive a call while in use, simply speak through the mic on the earphones.

With the newest audio chip module, the COBBLE provides the highest sound quality
with Hi-Res Audio.
Technical Specification

By using the newest audio amplifier module certified by Apple, you will be able to enjoy your music without any hassles. Simply click the button to control your media, and pick up phone calls with your original headphones.

The new integrated audio chip gives COBBLE the ability to playback at 24-bit, or 48 kHz to 192 kHz sound, making it easy to enjoy high-resolution sound anytime, anywhere.

We used the same highly advanced metal forming technology used in aeronautical space shuttles. By applying this sophisticated metal-forming technology on a much more intricately small scale, we successfully achieved the shape, the texture, and strength of a natural cobble. Furthermore, each COBBLE is individually formed to embody the uniqueness, natural beauty, and strength of a natural cobble.

Everything needed for performing high quality music is inside the compact COBBLE

Fully supports iOS devices (with Lightning input) for direct media control and call
handling functionalities.

We designed COBBLE to resemble its natural state, in serene beauty and strength. Therefore, COBBLE symbolizes the purest sound that washes over our ear and touches our heart.

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