There’s a plane floating on the Hudson. That made headlines in 2009. But guess what? The story broke on Twitter. And that wasn’t even the first major news the then-fledgling social media brand broke. Seven years on, Twitter has gone beyond the 140 characters that told a story. Today, it has video, multi-image, and has become the social phenomenon that has Aliza Knox, VP of Online Sales,speaking for Twitter across Asia Pacific and the Latin Americas.

Aliza Knox

At the recently concluded Ad Summit Pilipinas 2016, Knox’s #GoLive gave an account of how Twitter has redesigned.  “Twitter is live, and it is a connection to what is going on,” said Knox. What once was a glorified SMS, is now headline-maker to give other media a run for its money.

Perhaps it’s about that hashtag. Much of #GoLive talked about how Filipinos has helped re-shape Twitter in this part of the world. The Philippines’s young and vibrant population is known the world over for being text- and social-savvy, and here are a few of our accolades.  
Manny Pacquiao v Merriweather got 2.7B+ Tweets worldwide, with most of the Tweets coming from the Philippines. Over 3.3M Tweets on the Papal visit. A snafu that went viral and trended with multi-memes, Miss Philippines is crowned Miss Universe—and the Twitter universe got a whopping 6.7M+ Tweets.

And, who can forget 41M Tweets on #AlDubtamangpanahon?  Said Knox, “The AlDub Tweets are six times what Twitter got for the Super Bowl. That's pretty amazing coming together about something cultural. Twitter celebrates elements of culture.”
Going beyond the headlines, Twitter is also a connection to influence where Twitter followers have instant access to celebrities, world leaders, and all things millennial. Again, think headlines. In fact, think trends.  After all, Twitter started the trending phenomenon. Everything, everyone ever wanted to know about, can now evangelize.

For Twitter, it’s all win-win. “It’s your live connection to passionate audiences,” declared Knox. And that passion is bridging media. In 2015, 81B global Tweets were on TV views. “This is great information for brands,” shared Knox. “Twitter is your live connection with a premium reach of 820M views. That’s up 189% from last year,” she added.

In 2016, Twitter has partnered with the Comelec for the first-ever #twitterelection in the Philippines.  It would be interesting to watch the debates unfold live, with the ability to instantly retweet and react.

For the country, it’s a quick way to get the young people interested, get them to participate and be heard. In these times, social has to find a purpose. Be it information, editorial, or a call to action.  

Twitter instantly comes to mind for instant self-expression. The Twitter relationship is following, trending. That in itself is engagement, where the currency is the number of followers. Followers are the most engaged audience, and if you have their passion, you got yourself trending.

“We have the most engaged audience. Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Twitter users in the Philippines engage everyday,” said Knox. For brands, Twitter provides opportunities for proprietary targeting.

Again, it’s that hashtag thing. With followers, you got their interest, now you can have conversations, and move these forward. “Twitter allows more engagement with more photos. It allows brands to go to websites, and even drive app installs.”

As Knox shared, “Twitter influences throughout the purchase cycle in the Philippines:  84% follow brands, 83% follow friends, and 74% follow celebrities, and 73% view ads on Twitter at least once a week.”

Another insight Knox shared is that native mobile videos are trending, where 92% watch mobile videos, a 150% growth from last year.

For Twitter, the question will always be ‘What’s going on right now?’  And, it continues to answer that question, serving the public with the answers, live as it happens. It is bespoke, target market-focused—It’s the Pied Piper of social playing music to willing followers.

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