TuneBox2 is a wireless device that makes listening to music smarter. It advocates "Smart Audio @ Home." A brand new audio experience at home.

Nexum TuneBox2

Whichever room you are at home, just push a TuneBox2 button, music follows you there through Smart Audio. And it's not only limited to CDs, but any online streaming music you love, and even vintage vinyls. Simply a push of a button, any music you're playing, regardless of the source, runs all over your place!

TuneBox2 Features:

Help you party better with world's only party mode

TuneBox2 has the world's first app-free multi-room music playing system. When the world is inventing products that take apps to manage, NEXUM wants you to have a more intuitive experience! TuneBox2 reinvents your home stereo environment with a hotkey. App-free. When you walk into a room while you're listening to music, push that hotkey, and the music will follow you there.

Play online streaming music

TuneBox2 supports Airplay, DLNA, and even Spotify Connect. It connects the stereo to the music online. Intuitive. Simple. Connects your phone to the stereo, too.

Control/play music in 10 rooms

TuneBox2 supports multi-room audio play with at most 10 devices. Push the Party Hotkey/Button and you're set.

Support SRC (Independent SRC DSP Inside)

Simply put, SRC improves the quality of streaming music like Airplay and Spotify from 16bit/48K to 24bit/192K. TuneBox2 makes your online streaming music even better!

Multi-player control

TuneBox2's Wi-Fi connectivity saves you from the fuss of pairing for Bluetooth. Now anyone who's connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot can play their favorite music! Meanwhile, there will be no more annoying notification sounds!

Be a Wi-Fi AP

More than playing music, TuneBox2 can also be your home Wi-Fi AP. With a RJ45 connector and access to the Internet through a home router, TuneBox2 becomes a wireless AP! It not only enhances the stability of your Wi-Fi connection, but also plays high quality music. Smooth connection, smooth listening experience!

Stream vinyl music

TB21 supports AUX input. With the multi-room playing feature, vinyl/CD lovers can enjoy great music anywhere at home. To keep traditional devices in line with Internet technology, NEXUM designed TB21 with an AUX input and a hi fidelity (24bit/96K) chip that guarantees the sound quality of the streaming music. Enjoy the music with ease.

TuneBox2 is available on Indiegogo now starting at a super early bird price of $49 USD.
Indiegogo page: http://igg.me/at/tunebox2/x/13412212

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