Symantec Corp. today announced that Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) won AV-TEST’s “Best Protection 2015 Award” for corporate users. Symantec Endpoint Protection was recognized for its consistently high security performance in all 2015 certification tests.
AV-TEST AWARD 2015 Symantec

“The corporate solution Symantec Endpoint Protection earned the Best Protection 2015 Award, consistently demonstrating impressive security protection in all tests,” said Maik Morgenstern, CTO, AV-TEST.

AV-TEST, globally recognized for its rigorous independent testing practices, evaluates the efficacy of security solutions’ protection against advanced attacks throughout the year. Security solutions are subjected to over 1,000 live zero-day attacks delivered via infected websites and e-mail to measure a product’s complete protection ability. In addition, AV-TEST measures the security solution’s detection of more than 150,000 current and widespread threats. Symantec Endpoint Protection consistently bested competing solutions throughout the entire 2015 testing cycle. 

In each of AV-TEST’s six certification tests, Symantec Endpoint Protection came through with a consistently high protection function of virtually 100 percent. For its performance, the product received the AV-TEST “Best Protection 2015 Award.” Additionally, Norton Security was recognized as the best consumer protection by AV-TEST. This is the first time a vendor has won both the business and consumer protection categories. Representatives from Symantec accepted the awards at AV-TEST Institute’s annual awards ceremony yesterday in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Today’s cyber-attacks are increasingly deceptive, tapping into endpoint systems to infiltrate an organization’s infrastructure. Symantec Endpoint Protection provides unrivaled protection, performance and management to proactively block new and unknown threats across all of endpoints. Symantec pioneered the delivery of multiple protection technologies on a single endpoint agent years ago and, today, that approach makes the company the leader in true next generation endpoint protection.

“Symantec’s intelligent next generation endpoint protection uses advanced machine learning to immediately block abnormal behaviors in real time and stop targeted attacks,” said Amit Jasuja, senior vice president, product development, Symantec. “Plus, it’s backed by the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network, so it blocks rapidly mutating malware and zero-day threats without impacting performance.”

Symantec Endpoint Protection leverages intelligent detection and prevention technologies like machine learning to block threats as soon as possible. Using the power of Symantec’s integrated global intelligence, it prioritizes and uncovers attacks faster while also minimizing risk exposure. Symantec Endpoint Protection also keeps enterprises productive with unobtrusive protection that doesn’t drag down performance and with virtually no false positives.

To learn more about Symantec Endpoint Protection, please visit You can also read the full report from the AV-TEST Institute. (PR)

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