In today's Unpacked event, Samsung release their own 360-degree camera that can capture pictures and videos which is somewhat intended for the Samsung Virtual Reality (VR).
Samsung Gear 360

The Samsung 360 uses dual cameras to capture the overall 360-degree panorama shot. It is a pair of 15MP camera sensors with a wide-angle fisheye lenses. Here is a nice feature, you use both lenses to capture 360-degrees in 30MP shot or just use one lense for a 180-degree 15MP shot.

The Samsung 360 gear is powered by a 1,350mAh battery and records the pictures and videos in a microSD. Like a GoPro, it can wirelessly sync to a compatible SamsungGalaxy smartphone to preview what you are recording in real-time.

As for the release, it is said that it will begin next quarted and still no word about the pricing for this device yet.

See the sample video shot in the below video (but set the video to at least 1080P for clear quality):

Source: Pocket Now

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