Mobile game publisher OnPlay to bring South Korean mobile RPG RED to Southeast Asian countries

RED Mobile RPG Game

Liu Bei, Son Goku and the rest of the valiant heroes from the Three Kingdoms and Journey to the West have come together in RED. And soon, players from Southeast Asia can join the adventure to stop the wicked Dong Zhuo and his malevolent forces.

RED is slated for a Google Play release in the Philippines and Singapore on February 25, 2016. It will then be out in the rest of the Southeast Asian countries starting March. The game will come with local language support made possible by OnPlay. The English version is currently on testing phase with the cooperation from select media.

With over a hundred characters to recruit, RED lets you embark on a journey through dungeons while forming your team of toughest heroes. The fast-paced, strategy RPG boasts stunning graphics, impressive visuals, diverse environments, interesting stories and cute illustrations of the legendary heroes.

The other features of RED include:
  • Hero upgrades - increase their star levels until they awaken
  • Strategic PvP battles
  • Daily dungeon adventures
  • Challenging quests
  • Guild - lets you team up with other players

RED is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases which let you enjoy more in-game perks.
Set forth on a heroic adventure with your allies to defeat evil!

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