SoundCloud is a cloud based online music / audio distribution service that enables you to easily find new music or to upload, record, promote and share originally created sounds.

What is lacking on the Soundcloud service is that it's only accessible via browser or a mobile app, luckily Michael Lancaster, a Chicago based developer has built SoundNode which is a native Desktop app for Windows, Linux or Mac operating system.

Soundnode is built using the Node.js techology, which is basically a Javascript cross-platform runtime environment for web apps. The Soundnode just feels like a native desktop app with keyboard shortcuts and have all the Soundcloud features.
Soundnode Desktop App
Soundnode Desktop App

Soundnode feels like to be developed by Soundcloud itself, also it's like a Spotify desktop app competitor but with different music market. Whats best is that it is fully open source, which means that we can freely copy, modify, distribute or contribute in the development of the project. You can download the app here:

Source: TNW, SoundNode

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