With the constant everyday traffic here in Metro Manila, services like Uber have emerged in the market, but it isn't enough to help solve the traffic situation. While it is pretty convenient to get an Uber car, surge prices are too high during peak hours and will cost you a lot of money.
uberHOP Philippines

Uber Philippines has recently unveiled a new type of feature called uberHOP which will allow several people going to one direction to share the ride with one vehicle. Uber says that users will still have the same Uber ride experience but saving more money as the ride is meant for sharing.
A demo animation of how the uberHop ride works

To explain how it works, when you book into a Uber ride via uberHOP, there will be a designation point where you would walk to a designated pick-up point that is within the allotted time (all riders would go on the place so no one is left waiting). It is said that uberHOP riders will share a large vehicle that has the capacity of up to 5 persons and the said service will have an introductory flat fare of only Php75.

Innovative solutions like uberHOP, that put more passengers in fewer cars – safely, reliably and affordable – help move us towards a brighter, cleaner and less gridlocked future. (Uber)

uberHOP is still on a special pilot test for now and is still available in Makati and Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Right now it is only available during weekends, not available during holidays or non-working holidays. The service time available is during 6AM to 10AM and 4PM to 9PM. As you can see it's not yet available 24/7 and on peak hours yet, we do hope soon it really can be useful on traffic situations or cheaper alternative versus taxis and solo Uber ride :)

Source: Uber

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