Manulife Philippines has recently announced the launch of ManulifeMOVE, an innovative program that rewards customers with discounted premiums for living a more active lifestyle. This new approach to insurance is designed to appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy customer base, who are conscious about staying active and healthy.  

ManulifeMOVE members are able to measure various activity indicators with the use of fitness trackers synched with the ManulifeMOVE app on iOS or Android devices. Progress can be tracked over time through the number of steps or movements they make when they walk, run or engage in other physical activities. 

A ManulifeMOVE member can earn premium discounts simply by staying active. With an average of 5,000 steps each day, a member can receive a 5 per cent premium discount for the next year of their eligible policy. By moving more, members can get higher discounts on their premiums: 7 per cent and 10 per cent savings can be earned by achieving an average of 7,000 and 10,000-steps-per-day, respectively*, subject to applicable terms and conditions of the program.

“ManulifeMOVE represents a paradigm shift in how people think about insurance,” said Ryan Charland, Manulife Philippines’ President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our customers have told us they want to be healthier by being more active, and want to use technology to help them achieve their fitness goals.We want to show them that they are the heart of our business, and that we innovate in response to their needs. With ManulifeMOVE, we’re pleased to provide them with a program that will reward them for being and staying active.” 

“Across Asia, Manulife is focused on helping its customers live a more active lifestyle in an accessible, simple and engaging way,” added Jason Dehni, Chief Marketing and Distribution Officer of Manulife Asia. “We are excited to launch ManulifeMOVE in the Philippines on the heels of its successful launch in Hong Kong and Macau.”

ManulifeMOVE members can access tips on how to stay active and healthy through the ManulifeMOVE app, which is available on iOS and Android.

“The insurance industry has traditionally been transaction and product focused,” said Charland. “However at Manulife, we’re focused on building long lasting customer relationships and providing solutions beyond just financial protection. We want to continuously engage with them to ensure they lead a healthier lifestyle.”

Customers may become members of ManulifeMOVE by buying any of the eligible products, which include Manulife Health Choice, Adam, Eve, and any Manulife product with critical illness or hospital income benefit riders. Subject to applicable promo mechanics, from now until March 31, 2016, customers who buy these products, make an initial premium payment of Php5,000 and join ManulifeMOVE can claim a Misfit Shine fitness tracking device. Those who are unable to meet the initial payment requirement can still avail of a 25% discount on their purchase of either Misfit Shine or Fitbit Flex.

The program is also open to customers of the Manulife China Bank Life Assurance Corporation (MCBL)  whobuy Health Choice, as well as MCBL Enrich and MCBL Invest with critical illness and hospital income benefit riders.

ManulifeMOVE’s launch is supported by an integrated marketing campaign featuring Filipino actors and Manulife Philippines brand ambassadors Sarah Geronimo and Richard Yap. To encourage consumers to move more, the Company will also launch a series ofdance tutorial videos with the G-Force, the hottest local dance group,dancing to the ManulifeMOVE Anthem composed by award-winning composer Thyro Alfaro and performed by recording artist James Reid, also one of the most popular young actors in the Philippines today. 

“The launch of ManulifeMOVE is the perfect way to kickstart 2016,” said Yap. “Many of us have included being healthier and more active in our resolutions for the new year. Manulife enables us to start our own health stories for the year and follow through on these resolutions in an easy and exciting way.” 

“It’s great that Manulife is encouraging people to embrace an active lifestyle,” said Geronimo. “Through ManulifeMOVE, they’re putting customers like myselfon the road to improving our overall well-being. I’m excited to be a part of the ManulifeMOVE movement.”

For more information about ManulifeMOVE, you can visit any Manulife branch, call Manulife Customer Care at (02) 884-7000, Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM or send an email to (PR)

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