Happy 2016! It's the time of the year where we intend to do a new "New Year's Resolution" especially we wanted to fit and active throughout the year. Today, we will recommend this cool audio product that is useful and can help you motivate in your fitness activities, presenting the BlueAnt Pump Mini, an easy to carry, sweatproof & noise cancelling wireless HD audio sportsbuds.

BlueAnt Pump Mini Sportsbuds
What's inside the box?

The BlueAnt Pump Mini Black version comes on a shaded Blue packaged box with a plastic insert inside resting the items. The packaging really looks good and details the features & content of the packaging. You can find the following inside the box: 

  • Pump Mini In-Ear Headphones
  • S, M, L ear tips
  • S, M, L stabilizers
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • USB Cable (for charging)
The front & back part of the packaging

  • ComfortSeal tips for noise isolation & purity of sound delivery
  • SuperFit system for outstanding comfort stability
  • Built-in windband microphone for calls
  • Sweatproof, perspiration will not be a problem
  • Simple one touch call, track and volume controls
  • Siri / Google Now integration (depends on a device & network)
  • Over 5.5 hours of music playback on a 1 hour charge
  • Works with any Bluetooth phone / device

Build & Design

The BlueAnt Pump Mini is specifically designed for fitness / althletic activities to fully maximize its features. It has an odd looking but still keeping its style to fit inside your ears without worrying it to drop while working out. Other colors comes with a neon colors which looks more eyecandy than this black version, but in my opinion, I like black well as it won't look dirty after long use and keeps its sophisticated style. 

BlueAnt Pump Mini's build is made up of a rubbery substance and hard plastic that looks durable for workouts. The sides of the eartips have the logo or a white symbol which I think is for additional asthetics. Also it's designed to withstand sweat this is why it's designed like this and is rated IP54 for water resistant, the USB port should be closed with its closure when not charging all the times to prevent any water damage. 

It's really small, portable and light to the ears
The overall design is compact, it's really that small and is lightweight in the ears. It just consist of the wire, the button panel and the area where the eartips & stabilizers are. Sometimes I think where could be possibly be the battery is located for holding the 5.5 hours battery capacity. (LOL)

Performance / Sound Quality
The BlueAnt Pump Mini has a very good sound quality. Listening to music is pretty decent in quality, its bass is good and is loud. It also has a good mids and lows. There are just some distortions on some songs, sometimes the bass quite overpowers the music. As the earphones is designed to a sweatproof, it blocks most of the parts which a liquid could come in, which means there's a little space for air to pass through inside, that's a little price to pay for the overall sound quality. You can always set the equalizer of the phone to enhance or correct it.

The tips & stabilizers

The ComforSeal or in-ear tips offer a good isolation for listening music while maintaining comfort in using it. It lessens the overall surrounding noises but is not blocking all noise sources, which I think is okay, it is still good to hear a little from the outside world specially when using this outdoors. Also, you have the option to replace the tips and stabilizers to fit in your preference (Small, Medium & Large).
The BlueAnt Pump Mini label & mic
You can hear voices loud and clear when using it to answer calls with it's built-in mic and answer button. You can also directly command Google Now or even Siri for quick phone commands or related searches. It also includes built-in one touch buttons for call, track and volume control for ease of use.
Volume controls, Play buttons and LED indicator
The battery life of this in-ear headphones is good too specially it can last up to 5.5 hours (or at times up to 6 hours) of music playback, but will depend on usage, though as of testing it manages to reach the promised operating hours with an hour of charging via USB. Sure it won't last a full day of straight music playback, but on normal everyday music listening, we don't intend to listen for 24 hours, this would will good. As for heavy users, you can always charge it via powerbank after the juice is out. Afterall, every mini and portable wireless headsets suffers on shorter than a day battery life.

Pairing is really easy
  • Good sound quality
  • Noise isolation 
  • Bluetooth / Wireless
  • Sweat, water & dust resistant (IP54)
  • Super portable, small & lightweight
  • Over 5.5 hours battery life

Cons / Suggestions
  • A bit pricey
  • Sound quality can be improved more (on future iterations)
  • Wont last a full day of music playback without charging

Overall Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

The BlueAnt Pump Mini is definitely a headphones for walkers, runners, gym-goers or fitness loving people, but it can act as an everyday wireless headphone too especially for those who loves portability and on-the-go music and calls. The product is really stylish, very portable, lightweight, sweatproof, dustproof and really sounds good. Definitely a must buy product, you can get BlueAnt Pump Mini at Beyond The Box and it retails for Php4,750.

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