South Korean singer and actress Suzy Bae (“Suzy”) is one, if not the most sought after, celebrities in the region today. More fondly known as South Korea’s “national sweetheart”, Suzy, with her natural beauty, talent, and innocent charm has been landing countless commercial deals, drama and reality TV shows, music records, hosting gigs, and awards to this day.

Suzy Bae for Lenovo Phab Plus

With more and more projects and engagements that come along her way, Suzy keeps with her a “PHAB” partner which ensures that she is always on-the-go and connected.

Rising to the Top
Suzy kicked off her career in 2010 as part of the girl group Miss A. Wanting to explore the industry more and to develop her talents further, Suzy ventured into acting and hosting as a solo performer. In 5 years, Suzy was able to achieve breakthroughs that many would have thought impossible for someone in the early stages of her career.

Aside from starring in popular TV drama series like Dream High, Big, and Gu Family Book which have generated notable following here in the Philippines, Suzy became the first Korean female to win four rookie awards in different entertainment fields— singer, drama, movie, and best new actress, from the Baeksang Arts Awards. Her rising popularity also made her the first ever Korean female celebrity to have over 1 million Twitter followers even when she was just starting out.

In spite of the stardom and the long roster of awards that she has in her bag, Suzy keeps her feet on the ground and remains true to what the fans have always loved her for. “Pursuing my dreams of making it in this industry was not easy. There were challenges but I never allowed them to set me back. I always made sure that what shines through are my passion for the craft, happy disposition, and a very positive outlook,” Suzy affirms.

A PHAB Partner for a Fab Superstar
For a passionate and dynamic superstar like Suzy, only similarly dynamic devices will deliver and complement her connectivity needs. Good thing, global technology leader Lenovo has developed the Lenovo PHAB Plus, a perfect match for the technology needs of millennials like Suzy.

The Lenovo PHAB Plus, short for Phone + Tab, represents the next evolution of connectivity. The PHAB Plus fuses all the fun of a tablet with the true portability of a smartphone. With large, brilliant full-HD screens, Dolby Atmos virtual surround sound, and an octa-core Qualcomm processor, the PHAB Plus promises an uncompromising entertainment experience every single time.

“Staying fashionably connected has never been as easy as it is right now with the Lenovo PHAB Plus. Whether I need to review my music videos, browse the web, snap magazine-worthy photos during my tours, get in touch with my loved ones, or simply just pass time by playing games during taping breaks, I just rely on my Lenovo PHAB Plus to keep me company,” Suzy happily discloses.

With a 5MP front camera and a 13MP back camera with dual color flash, Suzy is sure to have the best and most crisp photographs to capture her special moments with the fans.

Suzy also doesn’t worry that she will be out of connection when she goes on long tours and extended taping hours. Her Lenovo PHAB Plus lends her up to 24 hours of talk time and 20 days of standby time, thanks to its 3,500mAh battery and built-in platform that limits the device’s internal temperature.

The Lenovo PHAB Plus envelopes all these powerful features in an acclaimeduni-body design with round edges and polished buttons crafted from durable yet lightweight aluminum material. Available in iconic Gunmetal Grey and Honey Gold colors, both the PHAB and the PHAB Plus are sure to fit in every millennials’ concept of a fashionably powerful device.

A Match Made in Heaven
“The Lenovo PHAB Plus is now my all-around connectivity and entertainment companion. It is amazing that I can accomplish all the things that I need to do, and more, with just one device. It’s pretty much like having a smartphone and a tablet in a single gadget which I can comfortably operate with just one hand,” Suzy shares.

As Suzy continues to shine as one of the most popular celebrities in Southeast Asia, the Lenovo PHAB Plus similarly pushes the boundaries and exceeds the limitations that were once known in the phablet arena. Exhibiting the fun, dynamic, and the constantly moving forward mindset of this generation, both Suzy and the Lenovo PHABPlus are surely set to leave a lasting impression.

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