Zomato has announced the launch of its online ordering services in Manila. Zomato ventured into food delivery and takeout order processing in late May 2015, and has already seen exceptional results. Over the past few months, Zomato launched its online ordering operations in India (14 cities) and has expanded the service to Dubai, Melbourne, and Johannesburg. Its next stop is the Philippines, where it will launch its online ordering services in partnership with Quick Delivery, one of the leading delivery and takeout services in the Philippines.

Zomato will offer online delivery

Quick Delivery is a pioneer in the Philippines food delivery and takeout market, and has exclusive partnerships with over 1,300 restaurants. Leveraging Quick Delivery's leadership position in the corporate segment, its exclusive restaurant agreements, and a loyal customer base, Zomato will make a strong entry into the Philippines delivery market.

With per-capita spends on food at 30 - 35%, Filipinos seem to have an insatiable appetite, often eating out up to 6 times in a day – breakfast, brunch, lunch, 'merienda', dinner, and a midnight snack. 

Tanmay Saksena, Global Business Head, Online Ordering, Zomato, said, “The delivery market in the Philippines has the potential to be one of the largest in Asia. We believe strongly in the leadership of Quick Delivery and what they’ve built and achieved. Through this partnership, we believe we will create real value and great ordering experiences for our customers in Manila.”

Zomato will soon launch its online ordering services in the Philippines, enabling foodies to effortlessly order online on Zomato from thousands of restaurants around them.

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