Here’s some good news for all online shoppers out there: Kango Express is here! Kango Express is a world class package forwarding service based in the United States that enables consumers to purchase their favorite consumer goods from online stores in the United States and Europe and have them delivered to their home or office in the Philippines or nearly anywhere in the world.
"Kango Express provides a happier shopping experience."

It understands that not all online retailers are able to ship to the Philippines or accept Filipino credit cards. With warehouses in both the U.S. and U.K., Kango Express customers are able to find the exact item they need at the exact price they want to pay. Through its affiliate relationships, Kango Express also assists its customers with finding deals and discounts and maximizing their shopping experience.

Unlike other services, Kango Express doesn’t charge a membership fee, service fee, package handling fee or have any other hidden charges. Pricing is simple and straight forward. Registration is free and currently the company is offering a 20% discount on customers’ first order.

Kango Express can save its customers an average of 30-60% on their shipping costs through Kango’s leading resizing service. Unlike other competitors, Kango doesn’t charge for the service, add extra processing time or require minimum volume savings to resize your packages.

While most package forwarding companies focus on one single shipping service… direct courier (such as DHL/FedEx service), consolidation, or seafreight… Kango Express gives its customers options. Customers in over 200 countries and territories can take advantage of the Kango Direct Service and have their packages delivered quickly and straight to their door. For customers that can wait a few more days, Kango Express offers its Consolidation Service in a growing number of countries. Customers have the option to pick up packages in our local offices and can take advantage of lower rates, while still enjoying transit times of air service.

Kango Express is dedicated to providing its customers with a positive shipping experience. This starts with their user friendly website and continues with the excellent customer service team. The opinion of the Kango Express customer matters… and the company is dedicated to learning, listening, improving and innovating the package forwarding market.

Why Kango Express is a cut above the rest?
The Kango Express shop and ship key service features go beyond the standard package forwarding services as it tries to work a little harder and more creatively to make its service more advantageous and beneficial to its customers worldwide. These are just some of the benefits of using Kango Express service:

  • Warehouses in both the U.S. and U.K.
  • Unique model offering both Direct express
  • service to 200+ countries as well as
  • Consolidation service in a growing number of
  • countries
  • Free resizing of packages to reduce cost
  • 30-60% on average
  • Free hold service
  • Free registration
  • Payment by CC or Paypal
  • Buying service (coming soon)
  • Refer-a-Friend bonus
  • In house freight forwarding company allowing
  • Kango to control the whole transportation
  • process as well as accommodating larger
  • shipments
  • Excellent customer service (consolidation
  • countries also offer local customer service)
  • Competitive pricing and delivery times

Why do consumers use services such as Kango Express?
1. They want to buy items from U.S. or European merchants that:
- Are not available in their country
- Cost more money in their local country
- There is added prestige if they have an item purchased in the U.S., including the belief that the items are more likely to be genuine.
2. Merchant sites may not accept local credit cards. In these cases customers can use the Kango Express buying service.
3. Merchant sites may not offer shipping to international locations. Although larger merchants have started offering limited international shipping, the thousands of small to medium business have not.
4. International shipping offered by online merchants costs much more.
5. Shipping services like Kango Express will offer value add services such as resizing and the consolidation of packages together under a single shipment from multiple merchants.

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