Hey guys, have you ever tried Shopee on your mobile phones? If not, I’ll introduce to you what Shopee can do and offer to you. Shopee is free, easy-to-use and safe mobile marketplace where users can buy and sell online at no extra cost. 

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One of the good things in Shopee is that anyone can be a seller. Do you have gadgets, clothes, and any pre-loved items that you don’t use anymore or even brand new ones? With Shopee, you start selling your items, quickly set up a shop by downloading the app and signing up for an account. Snap a photo of the item you will be selling, upload it, then set the price and shipping fee. Additionally, for sellers who have an existing online shop on Instagram, they can benefit from the Instagram Import feature to import photos of their collections. I myself own gadgets both old and new ones that I want to sell, as I have learned more about Shopee, I have been very interested in trying out the app, see my guide below on how to use and install the app!
Shopee PH

What’s the best feature of Shopee is that the Buyers and Sellers are surely covered by the Shopee Guarantee, this ensures each party protection from fraudulent transactions for all the deals completed online. Buyers are assured to receive their ordered items while sellers are assured to receive payments due to them. What a feature which we cannot yet find on other e-commerce websites / apps / services yet, this feature is yet exclusive to Shopee right now! I’m currently trying out the app, will release the experience with the next article on how to buy or sell on Shopee, so stay tuned!

Shopee Features
- Shopee is a safe and easy-to-use mobile marketplace
- Sell In A Dash - start selling in less than 30 seconds
- Shop With A Chat - get the best deal with the Shopee live chat
- Shop Safely With Shopee Guarantee - receive your order or get your money back
- Create and browse listings for FREE
- Share the Joy - spread the fun via social media

How to install and use Shopee?
1. First, go to the Google Playstore or on iOS  and search for Shopee PH, click the Shopee as a search result. Click the install button and wait for it to download and fully install.
Shopee PH

2. After the installation of the app, open it and a series of sliding images will appear as extra info and some instructions, just slide it. Click start to see the product listing on the app. You can now browse any items posted on Shopee, hooray!
Shopee PH

3. Third step is the registration, click the icon on the top right of the app and the message Sign in to continue pop-up will appear, just click OK. Now the Sign Up page will appear, you have multiple variety of options to choose from – sign up via Mobile number, via email or via Facebook, whoa that’s a lot of options huh? Lastly, if you want to sell something after the successful registration, you can click the orange circle button with a plus (+) sign, from there you have the option to post items you want to sell to Shopee.
Shopee PH

Shopee Demo Videos
- Snap and Sell - Watch here
- Shopee Guarantee - Watch here
- Free Listing - Watch here
- Seller Assisant - Watch here

Shopee connects thousands of buyers and sellers to each other. It answers the many issues online buyers and sellers are faced with today like unresponsive buyers/sellers, unpaid items, and simply unreliable listings that results in unsuccessful deals. Plus, Shopee is completely FREE! There are no registration fees or commission fees that Shopee charges.

Install the Shopee PH mobile app now, download it here: Download page
You can also browse Shopee via their website mall here
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Follow Shopee on their social media accounts for more updates:
- Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShopeePH 
- Twitter: www.twitter.com/ShopeePH 
- Instagram: www.instagram.com/Shopee_PH 

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